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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

State of the FARf

Shortly after Mrs. Fetched got off the phone Friday afternoon and told me about my doctor appointment coming up Monday, my phone and computer also got in on the act. I punch those follow-up dates into my phone on the spot so I'll have some warning.

But when Big V somehow managed to end up at the manor, with Splat's kid Skyler, it was a somewhat less than restful night. Big V passed out in the rocker that we use to get Mason to sleep, so he was up for quite a while… The Boy and Snippet ended up taking him upstairs with them until he wore himself out. Each of the babies woke up through the night, and I just don't sleep through that… so when morning rolled around, I didn't start rolling until it was impossible to get to the doc's office on time. I called and they said I could be 20 minutes late without having to reschedule, so I jumped in the car and booked it. I just made it, even with the obligatory slowpokes, but just barely.

Blood pressure was good, even with the hassle of getting there. They ran an EKG, which seemed to go OK since I didn't get referred to a cardiologist. She put on The Glove… and assured me she'd take to dinner first next time. That wasn't so wonderful, since she found a bump that didn't belong there. Now I get the full reaming, boo hiss. A large "eternal" zit on my back turned out to be a cyst, and that will get yanked tomorrow.

Might as well get all the scary stuff out of the way since I'm still employed, right? At least Big V was at her own house last night.


  1. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed all these procedures go well and you don't get any more bad news, Farf. The "full reaming" is no fun but being able to put health concerns to bed makes it worth it.


  2. No fun but necessary! So long as you have good health that's half the battle! Or at least that's what I get told! LOL!!

    How are you FAR? Been awhile since I have been here. Had quite a "journey" so to speak that I have been on. But, new paths, new destination in sight!
    Hope all has been well and is well on Planet Georgia!!

  3. Hi guys!

    Bri, I've been reamed once before, definitely no fun. I just want to get it done.

    Hey Mrs. M! Hope the journey wasn't too harrowing… at least you have the paths and destination in sight. Shoot me an email if you don't want to be too public with it…

  4. Good luck with everything far! Been reamed 2 many times myself.

  5. Thanks, Boran. I'd guess one reaming is too many, no?


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