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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wood Spill

I finally got serious about cleaning up the wood spill behind the manor.

After dispersing the spill with power and hand tools, there ’s still a couple major plumes of wood…

pile of wood

another pile of wood

Nature is lending a hand at eating the spill, although it would take a long time…

Wood beetle

Some of the smaller wood particles have drifted into the woods, where they won’t cause any problems…

brush pile

Some of the spill has been recovered and stored…

stacked wood

Still lots of work to do, but I’m hoping to have the spill cleaned up in the next week or so. It would go a lot faster if I could get The Boy in on the action.


  1. Yeah ... we have a similar "spill" beside our driveway, and somehow it keeps expanding, despite our best clean-up efforts. Of course, if we can manage to get it under control by winter, all will be well :).

  2. Hey Wendy, good to hear from you again! Yeah, there's a spill down in the in-laws' pasture that I never did get finished dispersing between one thing & another. I might be able to back a pickup (not a white one though!) up to some of it & get it out this weekend.

  3. Yeah ... stay out of the white ones. I hear they're pretty nasty :).


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