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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bummer of a Drummer

An old friend of The Boy — from B.B. (Before the Blog) has come back into the picture. Not living here, thank God, he wouldn’t live very long. He was really not much of a prize back when they were in high school — for example, he scratched “I LOVE MEN” into an antique headboard on The Boy’s bed — and when we moved The Boy into the private school they sort of lost touch. Over the intervening years, the kid cleaned up his act then let it get… not so clean.

In the last few weeks, The Boy has been trying to form a new band (I guess it’s harder to get kicked out of your own band) and this guy has picked up on it. I’m not sure what the deal is there; the drummer from the older band (Ether) has been hanging out too and I think he’s a better drummer (I think he’s doing the vocals). I’m not sure why The Boy has brought him over; he knew this guy was banned for life over the headboard incident. But since he’s been around, he’s hit on every female around the manor except for Mrs. Fetched (DoubleRed hasn’t been around). I would love to see him try to hit on Mrs. Fetched… the carnage would be glorious.

So, assuming he’s not re-banned shortly, we shall refer to him as Horndog from here on out.

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