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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Colors of FAR Manor

Aha — Picasaweb does have a way to embed a slideshow!

This is what things look like around FAR Manor right now. If it wasn’t for all the crazy stuff going on, it would be my favorite time of year…

Sorry about the Flash trash, but you can click on the pic to see the full-size shots. Oh, and Tumblr has a nice slideshow, but no way to embed it.


  1. Beautiful pics! You didn't label those pretty white and yellow flowers (before the kudzu pic). Is that chamomile?

    Oh, and you should check it out, but I think kudzu might actually be edible ;).

  2. Hey Wendy!

    I labeled what I knew. :) If I get some good IDs on the other things, I can add them easy enough. A very troubled blog-buddy (she had a smack habit & some of us think she suicided a few years back) was a self-described "plant geek" and could ID most plants from a decent photo. I miss her, and not just for the plant-geekery. All the daisy-like flowers are about as big around as a nickel. The pink ones (2nd pic in the series) is a bed Mrs. Fetched and I planted earlier in the spring.

    And yup, Planet Georgia has entire cookbooks dedicated to kudzu. One of the more interesting things I've seen: dig up the roots in january, clean, dry, crush, and the powder can be used to make a non-soy tofu. The rose hips are supposed to be edible too, just need to wait for a frost (which may not be until next month).


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