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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Behaving Badly

In the last few weeks, Mason has gotten into this habit of doing things he knows he’s not supposed to do, usually in plain sight of his parents or grandparents. He either climbs up on the hearth (which we’re trying to discourage because it’ll get cold enough sooner or later to start a fire), or goes over to the TV and pokes at the power button. I have a particularly hard time with the latter, because I’d just as soon let him turn the dang thing off — but everyone else tells him NO! so it wouldn’t be right to send him a mixed message.

What’s even funnier is when he’s about to do something and I’m not paying attention: he’ll either go “ehhh!” or “Daaaaa-DEEEEEEE!” so I’ll see he’s behaving badly. That is also difficult, as I’m trying to tell him NO while trying not to laugh.

Yes, he calls me "daddy” often. Not surprising, as I spend more time with him than either of his parents.


  1. My granddaughter used to call me "Mommy" when she was little, but it's because my three girls, who were 5, 7, and 10 when she was born call me "Mommy", and she was just following suit. She's three, now, and she usually remembers to call me Grandma ;).

    Mason is lucky to have you and Mrs. Fetched.

  2. Heh, sometimes I have to remind myself he's The Boy's baby, not mine.


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