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Friday, November 05, 2010

The Final Harvest

… of 2010, at FAR Manor, anyway. The frost is on the way tonight, and we had some frost up on the garage roof and the cars this morning. Fortunately, the foliage and fruits weren’t affected. I’m guessing about three pounds of surprise chow here.

Green tomatoes

We put the big ones in the window, hoping they’ll ripen. The smaller ones I diced up and made over a quart of green salsa. I’ll post a recipe if it turns out to be edible.


  1. Where are the fried ones? *grin*

    I picked a couple of bowls full of green tomatoes before our frost. They sat in a bowl on the counter in my kitchen (which stayed between 60° and 70°) and slowly turned red. Ripening them like that affects the flavor, but I planned to make them into sauce anyway, and so it was no big deal.

    I LOVE when I get some unexpected bounty from my garden ;).

  2. Hi Wendy! If Mrs. Fetched decides she wants some fried green tomatoes, she's welcome to it. The larger ones (in the back of the above pic) are sitting in the kitchen window to ripen.

    Indeed, unexpected bounties from the garden are always a win… especially when the "garden" is a few seeds that washed out of the greywater drain!


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