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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I’m Versatile!

I haven’t received one of these award things in a while, but Angela Kulig broke the drought. Thanks much, Angela! Angela’s one of the bumper crop of indie writers that have sprung up in the last few years. Her YA urban fantasy romance, Pigments of My Imagination, should be out soon. She was kind enough to post the first chapter.

You know the drill: admit to seven random facts about yourself, pick five more people to receive the award, let them know they won. So… here’s my magnificent seven, so to speak:
  1. Despite the hassles, I’m enjoying raising my grandkid. Don’t tell Mrs. Fetched!
  2. On my bucket list: produce two documentary films, one about chicken ranching, the other about fortune tellers and their customers. Both as unbiased as I can make them.
  3. I enjoy most forms of electronic music, including hard/Goa trance, drum&bass, ambient, and others. I also like Christian hip-hop and metal. Yes, I’m in my 50s. Why do you ask?
  4. The reason I have a motorcycle is to save gas. Little Zook gets around 60 miles/gallon. It, like TFM, is versatile: it has off-road suspension, so I can take it pretty much anywhere on the in-laws’ farm if I’m careful and the ground isn’t muddy (street tires).
  5. I fully intend to have an anthology of short stories, and White Pickups, available on various eBook outlets by the end of the year. At that point, I’ll have to put the pen name “FARfetched” aside.
  6. It’s more than a little spooky how events in FAR Future (see the Pages listing) are already happening. No rolling blackouts or $8/gal gas (in the US) yet, but the Pat-Riots are teabaggers by another name. Keep in mind, I was writing that part of the story in 2007.
  7. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I firmly believe that people are essentially good and want to do the right thing.
Now comes the fun part: who are the lucky five? I pass this award to:
  • Patrick Hester, for being highly versatile as well. He writes, produces podcasts, blogs, and holds down a dayjob.
  • Marijan, who raises an autistic kid and still has time to write and express her particularly sarcastic sense of humor.
  • Beth, who has the ability to pack up and go anywhere her desires lead. Funny how I envy her footloose life, and she envies my ability to put down roots.
  • Helen, who writes and reads… the Tarot.
  • John Wiswell, because he can write about just about anything.
Whew! That was more work than I thought…


  1. Ooo thank you FAR I've picked my 5 and I listed my 7 but b**@#y wP is playing up and won't show it. :(

  2. Thank you, Mr. FAR. You know in high school I was very proud of my words and their ability to describe anything. It wasn't for a few years when I began to worry about being able to write anything well. Oh, the process!

    My seven confessions will likely show up Saturday.

  3. Morning!

    Helen, there's a disturbance in The Force or something. Maria K is having trouble with Blogger, you're having trouble with WP. It was only with an infusion of coffee that I was able to understand the word you bleeped. ;-)

    John, it was probably at that point when you started to improve. I think we all go through these phases:

    1) I'm da Best! Writer! EVAH!!11!!one
    2) Oh God, I suck, I can't write a grocery list!
    3) I don't care, I'm gonna write anyway!

    Looking forward to seeing both of your posts and further picks!

  4. Congrats on your award, FAR! It's most deserved.

    And congrats on the pics too. I see some familiar faces here, and I shall visit your other versatile friends soon. :)

  5. Thanks, Mari. After mowing the lawn, the pics were a great excuse to get a shower & clean up!


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