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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wednesday Wibbles

Pull up a chair, pass the bottle around, it’s chit-chat time!

A minor milestone, but a milestone all the same: 50 followers! What a nice sixth blogiversary present! Let’s all welcome the newest visitors to the free-range insane asylum:
  • Jason Coggins, aka @JaseCoggins on Twitter. More below.
  • Rexcrisanto Delson, aka @igorotdo on Twitter. He has a book coming out next month!
  • Michael Tate, aka @Michael_A_Tate on Twitter. He’s a physicist and novelist (now how cool is that? Really!)
  • Helen, aka @helenscribbles on Twitter. Writer, Tarot reader (another slice of coolness), and follower #50! And a writer of cool stuff. And a lady.
Alright… I’ve been devoting these wibble-posts to people following me. What about me? What am I following, besides a near-novel’s worth of #FridayFlash stories every week? Let’s have a look… first, the serials:
  • Bloggin' Brimstone by Jason Coggins. I found it at the end of the “first season,” and it freeking blew me away. Now the second season is underway. Think “cyberpunk Hell” with a really sarcastic main character, and you’ll get the idea. Just read it.
  • Meanwhile in Space… by Xanto Jones. It’s space opera, of course it's a fun read!
If you’re looking for more, check out the Tuesday Serial site. I might have started FAR Future and White Pickups before there was such a thing as #TuesdaySerial, but there’s plenty of material to choose from these days! (Speaking of which, have you been following The Gods of Evergreen?)

That’s some of what I’m reading at home. In the car, I listen to podcasts. With an hour to and from work, I have plenty of opportunity to listen to stories, interviews, and whatever-ness:
  • Star Trek: Defiant — I started listening to this a long time ago, and during my 3-year podcast hiatus they kept producing a new episode each month. So now that I’m listening again, it’ll take a while to catch up.
  • Escape Pod — a science-fiction magazine, in podcast form. There’s a new short story every week, some original material and some “reprints” of stories that originally appeared in print magazines.
  • Podcastle — the fantasy sister to Escape Pod.
  • ShadowCast Audio Anthology — a horror podcast. I submitted something to them last night, so keep your fingers crossed. One of the nice things about the smaller markets is that if they do reject your story, they take the time to tell you why.
  • Functional Nerds — media, technology, and gadgets. Hosted by my blog-buddy Patrick Hester and musician (and Twitter pal) John Anelio (who posts sci-fi songs on his blog every week or so).
  • SFsignal — author interviews, hosted by the Functional Nerds gang. I was wondering earlier how Patrick does it: he has a day job, does two podcasts every week (huge time sink in my experience), writes, and blogs. Then I realized: he isn’t married!
There’s more, but that can get its own post tomorrow. It’s another blogiversary present.


  1. Escapepod and Podcastle are two of those markets I adore. Would love to publish with them, even gotten personal responses from them, but they seem to highly prefer reprints.

  2. Hi John. Good info to know, but nothing ventured nothing gained, right? I consider them more "up-market" because they pay professional rates or something close to it. On my todo list is getting "G-5" and "Accidental Sorcerers" prepped for submission, both to the Escape Artists 'casts and others (but not simultaneous, too much to keep track of!).

    I got what looked awfully like a personal reject response from the ed-in-chief of Asimov's when I submitted a poem. Couldn't quite bring myself to do with it what I'd planned with a reject letter: hang it on the wall and flip it off every time I sit down to type. :-P


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