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Monday, July 25, 2011

Amusing, but Only a Little

This evening, Mrs. Fetched and I went down to Big V’s with some chow — and Skylar. The big blond chunker is starting to think FAR Manor is home, but he’s always glad to see his gramma. Mrs. Fetched set up her morning meds — I think they’d be enough to fill her up and she wouldn’t need breakfast — while I had one eye on the Kindle (reading Seed by Ania Ahlborn right now) and one on Skylar. Meanwhile, The Boy was tasked with watching Mason.

We came home to find The Boy sacked out in the lounge chair and Mason playing quietly in the living room. He’d only pulled a few old VHS tapes off a shelf — and laid one on The Boy and two on the love seat. As I picked up the latter, he brought me the sleeves.

M.A.E. and Daughter Dearest were lurking nearby if anything came up, but Mason was being mostly good (if a little mischievous about the tapes). I’m glad it wasn’t Skylar; he’d have made a huge mess for sure and probably hurt himself. As it was, the results were only amusing. Yes, The Boy gets up really early for his job these days, but he needs to focus…


  1. Babysitters eh! Mason sounds like such a sweetie ^_^

  2. You've trained Mason well. A good sleeve-squire.

  3. Helen, he is a sweetie! And fortunately, not prone to get into scrapes. So far.

    JohnW, that was a surprise… I didn't even think about the sleeves, and here he came with them in hand.

  4. What's with kids and always doing blog worthy things? lol.
    It's fun to read and write, but it sucks when it happens.

  5. So true, WG. You have some kids of your own then?


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