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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter on the Patio

As always, winter on Planet Georgia is confused: it’s warmest out when it’s cloudy. After a couple chilly nights during the week, temperatures recovered to roughly normal for the long weekend. Mrs. Fetched’s mom said she had some play sand a while back, and I finally brought it up to the manor. We put a coat and “boggin” (wooly cap) on Mason, the same on me, and we went out to the patio.

This worked out fairly well, except that Mason wanted to treat the sand the same way he treated the water during warmer weather: something to fling in all directions. I was only partially successful in dissuading him. Otherwise, I sat back and played with my phone — and found that the wifi carried all the way out to the patio… sweeeeet. The sand was much warmer on bare hands than water could be, a major plus.

Then Mrs. Fetched brought Skylar up. Mason was not happy about this at first, but they shortly worked things out and started flinging sand everywhere. sigh I built a fire in the table and kept my feet warm while watching the kids play. Except for one or two brief shouting matches, they played pretty well together.

Naturally, it wasn’t all that long before they decided to explore a little. This was mostly wading through where I’d piled the leaves from the back yard, and they came right back when I told them to (it’s a miracle, I tell you!).

Finally, lunch called and we all went inside. With rain coming tomorrow, I put the covers on things and left the spilled sand where it lie. It’ll likely wash in between the tiles, where it will possibly do some good.


  1. Heh, cute photos, Far. We've still got the b2 boy's play sand out back even though he's now 13. Yep, it hasn't been used in a while. I'd bring it over for Mason if you weren't like 6 states away. ;-)

  2. BTW, I'm having trouble getting a working email address from your profile. You can mail the story to blogistan@yahoo.com. Yes, I would love to see it and see what I can come up with. BTW, I just sold the painting of the Packard with hood reflections and shipped to Alaska today. Woohoo!

  3. Thanks, Boran — and congrats on selling the Packard painting!

    You should have an email shortly… hope RTF works for you. I think just about everyone can read that nowadays.


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