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Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year, New Boarder

Everyone else is doing a New Year’s post, so I’ll do something different.

Thursday night, Daughter Dearest and I were coming home from running errands. I turned into the driveway, and…

“Looks like one of our cats got out!” I said, hitting the brakes. “How did that happen?”

“If it’s one of ours.” She jumped out of the car and walked over to the cat, who stretched himself up DD’s leg. He had no collar, and no problem with her scooping him up and getting back in the car with him. With a closer look, I could see he wasn’t one of ours: he’s a long-hair and his markings are mainly on his face. Mrs. Fetched let him come inside and he quickly made himself at home — it was obvious to us that he was a pampered indoor cat. We figured there would be “lost cat” signs up pretty soon, and we could facilitate a joyous reunion.

Suddenly… Mrs. Fetched wrinkled her nose. “He sprayed something!” We put the visitor in the garage and started hunting. We only smelled it in the living room; Daughter Dearest was the one to hit on the idea of bringing Pip in from the porch to see if he could find it. He was soon sniffing the tree apron and (after confirming) we chucked the apron in the washer. The smell went away soon after.

Despite his banishment, he seems to have adopted us. Mrs. Fetched thinks he was someone’s pampered kitten who was disenfranchised after he started spraying his original home, and those “lost cat” signs may never materialize. So I named him Stinkbomb, and Daughter Dearest named him Prince because he’s so spoiled. So we put our heads together, and came up with his full name: His Royal Highness, Prince Stinky McSpraygun.

Anyway. If you live on Planet Georgia, and have lost a cat who looks like this one, let me know.


  1. Aww that's so nice that you gave him a home. That's how I got my big boy cat, he was a stray, so thin and pathetic he yowed all the time. I use to feed him outside, then eventually up on the deck until we could entice him in. He's lived with us as a pet now for the last six years and has gone from thin to fat - sometimes we call him jabba the cat!

    Loved your story - Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Helen, this guy didn't need any enticement. He was more than ready to give all the cuddles it would take for a place to stay.

    Jabba the Catt? Sprite is like that, I call him the alien kitty from Planet Lardassia.

  3. Love the name!

    We were given our cat, Mr. Pumpkin, who is an "abnormally large black cat." He's double-pawed, back and front, with two full sets of claws on both of his front paws (very rare), and we believe he has some Maine coon cat, which accounts for his larger-than-normal size. I wish he was cuddly, but he's not. We still love him, though, and he's (finally) figured out that no one is happy (including him) when he hooks one of us with those double claws :).

  4. Hi Wendy! Yeah, I'm glad that Stinky is a cuddly cat. We probably wouldn't have had him inside otherwise, though… so maybe that wasn't so good?

    Double-pawed? I've never heard of that. Do you have pictures? Yeah, Maine Coons tend to run large… I can't imagine why you'd have a Maine Coon mix in Maine though. :-D

    We once had a cat the kids named Cloud, because he was black (they didn't realize he had a white coat, so he really did have a silver lining). His claws were HUGE and he didn't really understand that he could hurt someone with them.


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