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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Launch #1!

Ready! FIRE! Aim!
I was a little worried, yesterday, when people were panicking on Twitter and Google+ about uploading to the Kindle Store and not seeing any results—or having missing cover art, and the like. But I crossed my fingers, formatted a MOBI of Accidental Sorcerers out of Scrivener, walked through it on my Kindle, found a couple last lingering errors, then re-spun it and uploaded it to KDP. That was around 11pm last night. Then I started on the tedious part: formatting a .doc file for Smashwords. I got to midnight, then went to bed.

Whatever was going on with KDP, they must have fixed it—because when I got up this morning, Accidental Sorcerers had gone worldwide on Amazon! I updated the Goodreads page, packed up the computer, and took it to work with me, figuring I’d finish pounding on the Smashwords version at lunch.

And… that’s exactly what I did. As usual, I dotted the Ts and crossed my eyes, and the initial launch was done. Now, we’re just waiting for it to get approved for Premium, then distributed to all the other eBook stores.

Hop on over to the Accidental Sorcerers landing area for links to your favorite eBook outlet, especially if you have 99¢ (or the equivalent in local currency) burning a hole in your pocket. I’ll update links as soon as I have the latest info.

But we’re not done just yet—The Crossover is launching in two weeks! That one’s going to sell for the exorbitant price of $0.00, so I don’t foresee having any trouble peddling it. Stay tuned…


  1. Presently anonymousTue Jan 15, 10:16:00 PM 2013

    Congratulations on all the personal effort in making available what seems to be a good story.

    I went to the Amazon listing to check out the work and noticed that the material was published by Green Envy Press. I've never heard of this publishing company. After reading your blog entry on all the work you did in correcting/uploading the material, etc., I am confused. Who or what is Green Envy Press? The website (http://greenenvypress.blogspot.com) has no information except for the phrase "A Publishing Cooperative" and a personal Google+ link? What is a "Publishing Cooperative?" I would have purchased your novella today but just didn't feel comfortable with the integrity of the listing. I would love to know the details ...

  2. Hi anon, welcome to the free-range insane asylum!

    Green Envy Press is a group of writers who share skills (cover design, copyediting, marketing). We're just getting off the ground, which is why our web presence is a little sketchy at the moment, and Accidental Sorcerers is (IIRC) the second book produced through GEP (the first was The Skeleton Song by Angela Kulig). The idea is to have a fairly informal structure, with writers in the co-op trading skills as necessary, so we can all produce professional-quality books without a huge up-front investment.

    I hope that answers at least some of your questions. I'll be glad to clarify further if needed!

  3. Presently anonymousTue Jan 15, 11:27:00 PM 2013

    Thank you for the explanation. The cooperative then is not really an actual non-profit company (with a tax identification number) in the traditional sense, but a band of writers helping each other out? It's an interesting concept and perhaps referencing a publisher may lend a token credence to the writing in one sense but, it could also work against a writer in another, depending on the percieved quality of the cooperative's published works. Good luck with the effort.

    I look forward to sampling the story on Smashwords.

  4. Right you are, and good points. The plan is to provide very high quality in all aspects, although there will undoubtedly be the occasional faceplant!

    Thanks much, and I hope you enjoy the story!


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