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Monday, January 07, 2013

Pictures by (not of) Mason

Mason provides a lot of the content for the blog these days, although that has always meant I take picture of him and post them. It got a little different today…

We were taking a break from playing this afternoon. I let him use my phone to play some games, hoping that he’d get still long enough for a nap, while I fiddled with my laptop.

Then I heard, “Smile, Granddad.” I looked up, and Mason was pointing the phone at me.

“You found the Camera app, I assume?”

He nodded, I smiled, and he poked the clicker a couple of times. Then he turned away and did some other things. So how many three year olds actually create content for a blog?


All my cars

My foot
He’s probably not quite ready for lessons about framing, focus, and so on, so I’ll not confuse the lad. But I’m looking forward to many future guest posts…


  1. Awesome!!!! (What a great smile on you, Granddad!)

  2. Look at how kingly granddad looks in that first shot!

  3. Thanks, Cathy!

    John, kingly? Heh. We got that chair from the wife's older (sane) sister.


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