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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Stocking Your eReader Sale!

So Santa brought you a new Kindle, or an Amazon gift card, or both, and you want to get the most reading for the money? The authors at Green Envy Press, and several friends, have got you covered:

All eBooks are 99¢ or free, so you can get a lot of reading for a little money! There’s also giveaway for a Kindle HDX, so click on the pretty picture to see all the details… and come back every day through the end of the year for more books and more prizes!

Christmas might be over, but we’re still giving stuff away…


  1. Free is good! Hope you had a great holiday, Larry!

  2. I'll get an ereader someday. Good luck with the promotion.

  3. We had a blast at the sale Larry--time to plan the next big thing! It's BIG too!


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