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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Writing Wibbles: Looking Back

This will be the last Writing Wibbles of 2013, so I think it’s a good time to look back on what-all happened in my personal writing world.

It was a grueling year, production-wise. I started the year with a lot of stories completed or nearly completed, and ended up launching seven titles. That doesn’t count the books I edited or proofread for the co-op. The pace forced me to examine how I did things after the editor sent back those last changes, and I did manage to streamline a lot of the processes. Part of that was making checklists, so I didn’t forget something important.

That was the supply, what about demand?

In a nutshell: I was blessed. I didn’t make nearly enough to quit my day job, let alone rack up sales like Amanda Hocking or Hugh Howey, but I did a lot better than others. I haven’t dug up exact numbers for how many books sold (let alone how many of each), but most of the books sold were 99¢ each, giving me a royalty of 35¢ give or take. I have a reasonable handle on income and expenses. Being in a co-op, where we all help each other out, I didn’t have production-related expenses like editing or cover design (but I paid by editing and formatting other books). There were other expenses… so, here’s the round numbers:

Income: $3000

Promotional expenses (giveways): ($150)

Nook HD (for verifying EPUBs): ($180)

So while I didn’t pay off the mortgage or anything (rats), I was able to afford a badly-needed replacement for my ailing Civic, which died about a month after I came home with the Miata. Writing made a difference for me this year, an important difference, both financially and emotionally.

And for that, I’m grateful. With any luck, it will make more of a difference next year. I don’t plan to have such an aggressive release schedule, but maybe I’ll have more time for promotion and for rolling out paperbacks. That’s going to be interesting, especially once I automate the conversion from EPUB to typesetting markup. Stay tuned…


  1. That's fantastic! It's like Hugh Howey has said in interviews and in blog posts -- writing is one of the few hobbies that costs virtually nothing to do -- but can possibly make you something once done!

    All the best for a happy and successful 2014!

  2. That's a splendid start, Larry. Congratulations on a busy first year, and here are to many and greater ones.

  3. That's great Larry! Good to hear you're doing so well!

  4. Great job. And good luck with next year.

  5. That's great news, Larry! Good luck in 2014!

  6. I'm so glad that you have had such a successful year with your writing Larry, really well done.

    Happy Christmas Larry, and my best wishes to you for 2014. :-)

  7. Glad you had a good year, Larry!

  8. Congrats, this is fantastic news overall! Wishing you an even prosperous 2014!


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