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Sunday, April 06, 2014

E is for: Elements (#AtoZchallenge)

The classical elements—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water—are the basis of sorcery. Sorcerers perform magic by manipulating (or rather, harnessing) the chosen element or elements. Intermediate (usually third-year or later) apprentices and full sorcerers can combine two (or more) elements for more powerful effects:

The illustration depicts important truths about sorcery:
  • Fire and Water don’t mix, at least by themselves. As described in my flash story Apotheosis, though, Earth and Air can act as moderating influences for the most complex spells.
  • Chaos magic is outside the realm of sorcery altogether. As is its legendary opposite, Making.
We’ll talk a little more about magic in Sorcery.

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  1. Although "Making" and "Chaos" are two distinct magics in that diagram, I like reading it as one: making chaos. Nice sorcery lesson.

  2. That's a great magic system.

  3. I liked the post about elements it reminded me of the elements in tarot:
    Strengthening/interactive/ synergetic:
    Fire and Air
    Water and Earth
    Fire and Fire
    Water and Water
    Air and Air
    Earth and Earth
    Fire and Earth
    Air and Water
    Fire and Water
    Air and Earth

  4. A nice primer. I like the way Bailar, Mik and Sura use water and fire alternately to avoid overkill. :)


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