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Monday, April 07, 2014

F is for: Fables (#AtoZchallenge)

Or fairy tales, or whatever you’d like to call them (since fables use animals). Parents tell their children bedtime stories—whether to settle them in for the night, to illustrate virtues or truths, or simply to help explain the world they live in. It’s no different on Termag.

“Once, in the time of Camac That Was,” is the traditional way to begin a children’s story. But how about a couple of examples? Links take you elsewhere on this blog.

The Three Builders

The Traveler

Next: G is for: Gods


  1. Awesome word for the challenge today! I always do appreciate a good fable. Glad I found your blog! :)

  2. I do love my fables! I am a big fan of a comics series called Fables too :)

  3. You are a fabled storyteller, I know that.

  4. I remember the second, but not the first. It's perfect!

  5. I like this theme! I'm doing a book theme with my A to Z challenge. I think for G I'm going to talk about genres in general. Today I did fantasy. If you have time, and want to you can check out my F post.

  6. Ah fairy tales, the stuff dreams are made of - good and bad ^_^


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