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Monday, May 19, 2014

Blackberry Winter

We only had three mini-winters on Planet Georgia this year, although they were pretty harsh. In mid-spring, we get a cold snap they like to call “Blackberry Winter,” because it usually happens around the time the blackberry vines are blooming. The fun thing is, blackberries blossom for two or three weeks, so there’s plenty of time for one (or more) to happen.

So last week, it got cool. “Maybe this is all the blackberry winter we get,” said the wife. “But they need some cold to bloom out, I thought.”

“They’ve been blooming out for a week in some places,” I pointed out.

But this weekend had to be it. The lows got to 40F, and it was cloudy and rainy. The rain is gone, but the cool weather remains. After a taste of nice May weather the week before, this was a bit of a letdown. But with any luck, that’s the last of the cool/cold weather until late October.

The vines are already setting fruit. Looks like Mason will have a great time picking come July 4th weekend. The wild lowbush blueberries should be ripe in the next couple weeks as well.


  1. We had a harder winter up here. Killed a big, beautiful crape myrtle. Am sad.

  2. Man, it must have been. We got to -1 one night, and pretty close several other nights, and it didn't bother the crepe myrtles here. It did clobber a shrub, whose name I can't remember off-hand. There's a green leaf or two on it near the bottom, so maybe we just need to cut all the dead stuff away & let it come back.

  3. I think the UP already had it's summer. Yesterday it was in the 70s and today it went back down to the 40s. Summer here and gone! XD

  4. Well we're still having warm weather at almost the end of autumn..... love blackberries, are you going to make blackberry and apple crumble served hot with ice cream Mmmmmm^_^


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