Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend Cinema

Welcome back to Weekend Cinema, where the entertainment (or in some cases, horror) is quick and free. Just like a perfect date. ;-D

All of us, even us Mac users, have likely hurled the occasional obscenity at our computers. But this kid goes waaaayyyy over the top. (In German, but with English sub-titles. Mucho vulgarity here.) Frankly, I think it’s a put-on: that webcam would have been toast long ago.

Hat tip/fling against the wall to Brand X


  1. Ok FAR,
    I could only watch about half of that before it totally creeped me out. That kid needs some serious anger management therapy ... or Ritalin and some potent downers!

    I know I'm gonna piss off someone, but dayam, I've never cared much for Germans. I don't trust them, but you can blame that on me having lived in France for a good while, lol.

  2. LOL!

    I think it's a put-on, and the kid's a natural method actor. There's another video of him, talking about how he's going to get rid of all his gangsta CDs and become a "Mettler" (metalhead, I think). If he's for real, that second video is even creepier. I'll find a link when I get home (YouTube is blocked at work).


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