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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Escape from FAR Manor 2008: Random Vacation Pix

There’s really not much to describe… take us out of the all-too-real-life soap opera and we’re really boring people. :-)

Mrs. Fetched takes long and much-needed naps. We’ve been flitting back to the manor a couple of times but that's over with until we check out on Friday. I do a little surfing on the iPhone, and come over to the office to get wifi. We’re going to grill some chicken (marinated in lime juice) tonight, we’ll probably eat at the German restaurant in Helen tomorrow. It’s been a somewhat rainy week, so I haven’t been walking nearly as much as I’d planned and the motorcycle is back home in the garage.

So… how about a few pictures? These are all taken with my iPhone, since my digital camera bought the farm a month or so back. The iPhone’s camera is a little different from those in my previous phones: it’s portrait mode by default, and has a noticeably longer focal length than any other cellphone cam I’ve tried. Its low-light capabilities are typical smellphone suck, though.

This jukebox is in the DJ’s Diner inside the resort. If the thing is out of order… why not just unplug the silly thing?

sign on jukebox

Mrs. Fetched and Daughter Dearest playing ping-pong in the clubhouse. Since my motto at the table, borrowed from Other Brother, is “Give me a lob and I’ll give you a treat,” they didn’t want to play with me. Oh well.

Mrs. Fetched and DD ping-ponging

A country store in White County along GA115. I don’t think the pumps are operating, but the store itself is open.

Wall of mugs

I’ve got a few more pictures I’ll post in the next day or so.


  1. I hope that you're all having a good time, Far. We're taking care of things here 'til you get back. ;-)

  2. Sounds like the perfect vacation ... all relaxin' all the time. :)

    How are you likeing the iPhone - any problems w/ dropped calls (hearing a lot about that, though there's supposed to be a software update coming soon to fix).

    Love that photo of the country store!

  3. Hey guys!

    Boran, thanks for keeping an eye on things. We'll be heading home tomorrow.

    Olivia, I haven't had any calls drop yet, except in the low places where everyone loses the signal. Battery life is my prime issue, and it holds up *just* long enough.


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