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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh Joy. Another Boarder.

I guess Mrs. Fetched couldn’t stand having the nest empty. If I had any say in the matter, we’d have a smaller nest.

At least this one is more mature… as in, roughly our age. All inmates, please welcome DoubleRed (she commented on Daughter Dearest’s post as RedRedRobin, DR is shorter) to the free-range insane asylum. She was DD’s co-worker, back before DD went off to college and found that work on top of college was just a little too much.

So we (that is, The Boy and I, with a help from a friend of DR’s) got her moved in today. Mrs. Fetched, always a paragon on planning, has the former contents of the guest room closet strewn all over the living room (and there it will sit until Christmas, when she’ll need to move it somewhere else to make room for guests). I’m hoping the rent will be steady, although I think she was trying to “manage expectations” this evening, but I’m hoping more that she’ll be cooking as much as she says she loves to do. It would be nice to come home from work, knowing there will be supper. Shoot, if she does the cooking, I wouldn’t worry much about the rent.

So… we’ll see how this goes.


  1. Hey Far! Gee, this is just too easy! Think I'll just "happen" on your doorstep! heh!heh! ha!

    Thanks (in advance), yooper

  2. Sure, buddy. Just bring your stained glass stuff along. I want one of those freighters!

  3. Hey Far! Hang on! Gotta design a MTU and Huskie for an "industrialist" from down below.. I'll let ya know when I finally get to this..ha!

  4. So Far, is this life beginning to imitate art? (The art of Far Future, that is.) ;-)

  5. Yooper, did I ever mention I am also an MTU alum? I *think* I did…

    Boran, I've said many times that RL is stranger than fiction. If DR was Hispanic, I'd start to worry. ;-)


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