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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kids in the Manor

As I mentioned earlier, Jam’s kids were here all last week; I took them to school every day but Friday. When Daughter Dearest heard about it, from her new nest at college, she said: “So much for the empty nest, huh?” (Our most recent father-daughter silliness consisted of her saying, “You just can’t wait to kick me outta here,” with the appropriate leg motion, while I would pump my fist and chant, “EMPTY NEST! EMPTY NEST! EMPTY NEST!”) They’re staying down at their house with Jam, who isn’t supposed to be alone but doesn’t want to leave her house for a while. Go figure. But she came home for part of the weekend, with a short list of things she’d forgotten to pack, and a long list of things she’s not supposed to eat or drink… her handlers don’t want her golden voice damaged or something. But she was jonesing for El Rio, and we ate there twice over the weekend. She headed on back yesterday morning with Fred (her pet betta fish), her other stuff, and homework awaiting her at the dorm.

Last night, as I was trying to work on FAR Future and not getting much done, I saw The Boy’s car rumble up the driveway. I told Mrs. Fetched he was here, and settled in to wait for him to come in. After a few minutes, he hadn’t come in, so I went out to see what was going on. He was just sitting in the car (unusual), no radio playing (even more unusual).

“Hey… everything OK?” I asked.

“I’m just pissed off,” he said, looking out the windshield.

“You want to talk about it?” I almost got in the car, but he was smoking and it smelled pretty bad in there; the smell gives Mrs. Fetched a headache so I thought better of it.

“Nah. It’s just…” and then he started talking about it. He and Snippet and LDB (Little Drummer Boy, the drummer in his band) came up earlier partly for lunch, and partly so they could discuss how best to ditch the freeloaders that have accumulated at their place (Mrs. Fetched was quite willing to go down there and tell them that they would all have to pay rent if they didn’t clear out immediately), so there was already some stress. But it seems that after an afternoon and evening of mowing the lawn and cleaning up the place, The Boy decided he needed an evening nap and asked LDB to go pick up Snippet from her Wendy’s gig. (Yes, this is the same Wendy’s that M.A.E. worked at for a few weeks back when, with her friend Psycho/Repulsiva.) LDB had no problem doing that, but Snippet was miffed that The Boy didn’t come along… and started in on him (waking him up in the process) upon getting home. To avoid destroying something (like Snippet), he left.

At this point, Mrs. Fetched came out to see what was happening (she correctly figured something was up, since we were both still outside). We talked for a minute until the bugs found her sweet sweet skin, then went inside to continue. I almost offered to let him stay here for the night, but then he declared himself calmed down, thanked us, hugged us, and headed on back.

If I thought he’d listen, I’d advise him to ditch the girl. If I thought she wouldn’t, I’d advise her to give him some “me” time and not be so dang clingy. Or maybe I should give her decent advice and tell The Boy “but she didn’t listen” when she doesn’t take it… or maybe I should let things work out however they should.


  1. Yeah, that's where I'm at right now.

  2. Yeah, stay out of it, they're young and really immature, young girls seem to like to fight, I think it makes them feel grown up.

    It's part of life he needs to learn. Glad you didn't offer him a place to stay, he needs to work things out on his own. Sounds like he might be growing up a bit though, and that's a positive.

  3. Solar, I would have left out the "young" qualifier. It doesn't seem to get any better as they get older. (Think "Toilet Seat Game.")

    I'd have let him spend the night if he needed to be separated for a bit, but he wouldn't have stayed longer than a night anyway. He likes having "his" place, even if he has to clean it up by himself.

  4. Dang! I'm missing all the fun! I think you should have invited the whole kitten kabootal over at solar's, to hang out for awhile... And the Drummer Boy, can bring his drums!

    Thanks, yooper

  5. Yooper, The Boy asked if he could live with Solar a while back. Solar's answer was… intelligent and short.



  6. (blinking)

    That sounds like a completely different boy than the last time I was here.

    Is this the right manor?

  7. KB, he's starting to see life from the other side. He's always wanted to have his own place, and now he's seeing what happens when other people come into his place & start taking advantage. The wheels of justice turn slow, but grind fine.


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