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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Vacation pix: Waterfowl

Actually, Dad thinks the geese are rather foul, because that’s what they’ll do to the grass if he doesn’t chase them off. ;-)

Seagulls: Lake Michigan (Hoffmaster State Park)
Geese & Swans: Duck Lake
Canon EOS 40D, 28-135mm zoom lens, various exposures

Seagulls, Geese, Swans


  1. Nice shots all, but I'm drawn to the low flying gull over the sand.

  2. Nifty pics, Farf - love the birds. (I almost wrote bird shots, but then that could be taken other ways!) ::g::

  3. Thanks, guys. I've got a zillion shots of the swans… they came up to Dad's place, Daughter Dearest saw them, and I went out on his deck & shot from a safe distance. (Dad says they can get pretty aggressive.) I got a couple shots of them looking right at me with a simple whistle.

    Jim, I'll confess to cheating on that low-flyer: I walked toward him until he got peeved enough to fly. Like an honorable duck hunter, only then did I start shooting. ;-)

    I know what you mean, Maria… hover your mouse pointer over the picture for a few seconds. [evil laugh]

  4. FAR, I agree w/ Jim ... love that gull over the sand, esp the shadow. Nice ... :-) And foul aside (and I know what your dad means in terms of the amount of crap these things produce), it sounds like a wonderful spot to relax and unwind.

  5. Thanks, O! You're right… I call it Dad's little slice of paradise. The upper deck is far enough off the water so the swans don't get perturbed with the proximity to crazy humans with cameras.

  6. How in the devil do you chase off a goose?

  7. Ghost, Dad just gets down there & waves them off right now. Before his original house burned, he had a water balloon slingshot & a bucket of ammo to launch at them.

    Swans will come right back atcha, but they don't get in the yard & crap all over everything.


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