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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kneecapped Again, The Final Chapter

The Knee, UnwrappedThe Great Unwrapping was yesterday. The doc was pleased with his handiwork, and told me I could pretty much do whatever I wanted as long as I could stand the pain. He suggested some lifts and bends, and ice when needed, but other than that he seemed to be “just do it” and it would be 100% in the next two or three weeks. (You can still see the nurse’s initials on my kneecap, that’s how they made sure they poked the right one.)

He did say I might have some chronic pain with it, which could be taken care of with a “partial knee replacement” (very partial, as it would once again be an outpatient thing) — but he said they also wear out over 15–20 years, so if I can wait until I’m 75 it will probably outlast me. ;-) But with the two bone chips removed, and it behaving most of the time even before, I hope it will just go on as normal. The chips came off the left side of the right knee; the doc showed me pix of what was going on in there… I forgot to ask for copies, but I really couldn’t make heads or tails of it anyway. It’s just meat. MY meat, but what else can I say?

Well… if it hurts, I now have some pain-killer:

Moonshine. Lots of it.

While we were on vacation, someone came by and dropped off what appears to be 18 cases of Planet Georgia’s Finest — there’s 12 quart jars in each case, so that adds up to Lush Paradise. Mrs. Fetched was obviously in on it, as she told me about it and that it’s like 15 years old… and wonders if it’s any good to drink. Her idea, not a bad one entirely for the whiskey, was to treat it as ethanol and mix it with gasoline as an extender of sorts. But at least some of that is apple brandy, which would clog up fuel filters. I opened one of the brandy jars this evening; it smells pretty good and a sip confirmed it. She’s all “I don’t know how you’ll feel in an hour,” and I would like to know how it was made (if there was a radiator in the still, forget it) before enjoying it too much.

Guess I just need to heal up.


  1. I never would have thought about how it was made...too bad. It sounds yummy, and the perfect Rx for that knee! Avoid the replacement as long as possible - they DO wear out, and can only be redone a couple of times.

    Hope you're pain-free now, with OR without the sipping whiskey!

  2. Glad to hear the doctor has given you the all clear.

    As to the moonshine, my first thought was 'Who buys a bunch of whiskey without knowing if it was made in a radiator or not?' but, I guess if she was looking to extend gasoline it wouldn't matter how the stuff was made. Here's hoping she knows what she is doing with the stuff and doesn't blow up an engine.

    Luckily for me most of the people I know who make homemade hooch make wine or beer so the safety issue isn't so pressing.

    Here's hoping the knee doesn't give you anymore crap.

  3. Hey all!

    Beth, like I said, I'm hoping to put it off forever… or at least long enough so it only has to be done once.

    Wooly, I got to thinking about it today, and put what Mrs. Fetched told me about its origins together with a memory of the BATF busting this guy some time *after* this stuff was supposedly made. The paper interviewed one of the BATFs, and he said it was one of the best still he'd ever seen — "it's a shame to destroy it, but we had to." So it might be pretty decent stuff.

    It won't go in the Civic… it's only rated for E10 and that's what you get at the pump. I'm thinking if we use it as fuel, I could rejet a camp stove or lantern & the whiskey would work pretty well with that. Or maybe the lawn mower could take it.

  4. I'm glad to read that your knee is okay, Far. I agree, avoid replacement until much later on.

    Now, I hope that you're going to share some of that windfall!


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