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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Not-so Empty Nest

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Welcome and Go Away matsToday was Moving Day for Daughter Dearest… back to Reinhardt with her. This year, she got one of the campus apartments — four girls, each with their own room plus two full baths, a kitchen & living room. The “official” moving-in day is tomorrow, but they asked the choir members to come a day early — they got their own cookout, followed by a rehearsal and a planned performance tomorrow. No rest for the music majors.

We had two Civics loaded up with stuff, although we packed pretty casually (i.e. we could have got lots more in if we had to). The early move-in was a big help with parking; we had no trouble finding parking spaces. The only hang-up was that DD, being the first one there, got to do the walk-through with the RA. That meant we stood around for about half an hour, wondering what was taking so long for DD to get her keys, until Mrs. Fetched finally called and found out what was going on. Eventually, she came down and we started hauling boxes. I don’t know how many kids brought a couple cases of chow they helped can earlier in the week, but I doubt there were very many.

Meanwhile, one of the girls across the way had porters bringing enough stuff to pack a circus tent. “That’s Brooke,” Daughter Dearest explained. “She’s really high-maintenance.” No kidding: there were no less than four sizeable vehicles (minivans, SUVs) packed with her stuff — they were hauling it in with a grocery cart. Then they went to Mal*Wart to get more stuff. I can’t say too much about that, since we also went there for a few ancillary items: a mattress cover, USB A/B cable (I wish she’d said something, we have several here at the manor), dishes and cups (the apartment is furnished, but doesn’t include dishes or cookware, oops). Two of her roomies “love to cook” so we hope they’ll bring cookware. If not… well, they’ll either buy some new stuff or we can bring some over.

So the nest is empty for a few months, right? DoubleRed is supposed to be heading to Toccoa Falls College soon, but she needs a job in Toccoa to support herself… and she needs to be in Toccoa to get the job. Catch-22. So… now she’s planning to stay here and take online classes.


Not that she’s been around much lately, anyway. Maybe it will work out.

Knee update: it behaved quite well during the move-in. It complained a bit when going down the stairs for the last time, but was happy enough with some rest. It gave no trouble at all when I mowed the lawn after we got home. (Then I took a nap, we were up way too early for a Saturday.) Up and down a ladder this evening, once again fixing the garage door opener, still no trouble. I might need to move the “down limit cam” another link down the chain, to drop the door another quarter inch, but that’s it for now. I might have another look tomorrow — after I change the motorcycle oil.


  1. Hiya FAR,

    Sounds like you had a full day. Glad the knee is holding out for you. I've only had a knee problem once. My right knee had swollen to the size of a volley ball. I went to a military teaching hospital and had 5 different interns come in to try and get fluid off the knee. That was 5 different very long needles stuck into my knee. I'm sure they had a sixth one lined up to come in, but I put a stop to it.

    After reading about the girl across the way, I guess you should be happy DD isn't high-maintenance. :)

    Take care of yourself and watch the knee.


  2. No rest for the weary, Far. First moving day and then a host of domestic chores. Give that poor knee some rest! ;-)

  3. Hi guys!

    FM, did they not x-ray the knee to see if there was any problems (like loose bone chips) before poking needles in there? And you bet, I wouldn't let DD get that high-maintenance. I mostly raised her right.

    Boran, sleep is elusive these days… I'm hoping that will change soon. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Nope FAR they didn't. I first went to the ER and a Dr drained off a lot of fluid. Then I was told to come back the next morning to another part of the hospital. That's where the interns started. After the second stick I should have realized I was being used for practice, but at the time I didn't know better.

    It finally ended up they couldn't tell what was causing it and they started talking about surgery. Luckily in about three days it went back to normal and I never have had any trouble since. They did send me to a Rheumatologist who said my rheumatoid titer was positive and that could have caused it. Heck I don't know, but like I said, I haven't had any trouble since.

  5. I understand the part about it "just happening" — that's how it happened for me both times, but the first time it cleared up on its own after a week or so. Now, good Lord willing, it's going to be permanently cleared up…


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