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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vacation Photos: Slipping into Fall?

What goes up, must come down.

Canon EOS 40D, 28-135mm IS/USM zoom lens
135mm f5.6 1/1600
Straightened and cropped


  1. I'm still waiting to go away on my vacation a week from now. Is that you in the photos?

  2. Hi Boran!

    That last week before a vacation is rough, isn't it? "Is it Friday yet? Is it Friday yet? Is it Friday yet?" looks at calendar "AAAARRRRGH! Still Monday!!!"

    No, I'm neither young enough nor thin enough to be him. :-P It's just some guy who managed to climb the pole on a couple of occasions. He did it several times, and I finally got the hint and started shooting. When he went down, I just started banging the shutter.

  3. Actually, that was a rather stupid question I asked given all that I've read about your knee. My retention is somewhat lacking these days. :-(

  4. LOL, Boran, good point — if he'd been me, there would have been a knee brace in the picture.

    You having a good time at NN09? I'd have liked to been there. I suppose you're not getting lots of sleep, therefore lack of retention?


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