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Monday, January 30, 2006

Recurring dreams

When I was little (like 4 or 6 or so), we had a flat tire in our rustbucket ’59 Impala; Dad pulled off to the side and changed the tire. For whatever reason, that event stuck with me and I would dream about it. In the dream, I usually stood across M-40 (on one side of town or the other), looking at the car as the wheels and tires sagged like one of Salvador Dali’s clocks. I had that dream several times, even after the Impala got traded in, and never figured out why.

These days, I dream about going back to college. The dream itself is a lot more variable than the Impala dream — in one dream, I’m standing outside the dorm I lived in, chatting with some people; I might be walking to a classroom in another — but it’s always the beginning of the school year. In last night’s dream, my old roommate and I were moving into a largish two-bedroom apartment that had a third bed right in front of the door. The centerpiece of this dream was a large clothes hamper on casters, lined like a baby’s bassinet, that could tip its contents into a basket on the floor. Toward the end of our dream, the landlady was getting ready to move it out thinking we didn’t want it in there; we protested and then she showed us how it worked.

Other details I remember (more or less in order) include:
  • Thinking the bed by the door was mine, until I realized I had my own room

  • Seeing the hamper

  • Plugging in the clock-radio that currently adorns the dresser on the wife’s side of the bedroom, and throwing some luggage on the bed

  • Wondering if my ex-girlfriend would want to sleep over, and wondering why I even thought I wanted her to (the breakup was not amicable) — dreams truly do have their own #%@*&!!! logic

  • Making a list of things I had to drive home to get — a 10-hour drive in the dream and when I was in college; it would be a much longer trip now, and I wasn’t college-age in my dream

  • Being interrupted in my list-making by the landlady coming in to get the hamper

That was the first time in some months that I’ve had one of those dreams. I haven’t figured out what the deal is with those.


  1. dreams are weird...don't analize too much :)

  2. I agree with witty pixie, I have some really strange dreams, then after I think about it, the dream came from something I read or saw on TV that I forgot about.

  3. I keep on having recurring dreams about some girl I know and have been for three years. Hmmm... My mom said one time she had a recurring dream as a child of being chased down by some bridge.

  4. Hi witty, I don't think I've seen you around here before. Always happy to see new faces. Anyway, I don't analyze too much, it's just that I figure a recurring dream must mean something. It's probably that I see college as a refuge of sorts, although it certainly didn't seem that way when I was there. :-D

  5. I always thought God uses dreams to tell us something. There was a guy who I knew of in my town who had a dream that he would build a house out in some field behind a tree when he was a kid and did the very thing.


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