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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sodium dodging

There's a new extreme sport for middle-aged men, called “Sodium Roulette.” Here’s how you play:

  1. Go to the supermarket.

  2. Pick up something that sounds good.

  3. Now, look at the label and see how much sodium there is in one serving. Write it down.

  4. Repeat until someone goes over 2400mg of sodium. That person is out.

  5. Last man standing wins!

Actually, I spent my lunch in the supermarket yesterday and actually found some good stuff. I’ve been trying to come up with some foods that are easy to fix in a microwave, don’t require refrigeration, are tasty, and not bad for you. I consider the trip a success, coming back with:

  • “Instant” brown rice (I don’t consider 7 minutes cooking time to be “instant,” but whatever.)

  • Cipollini onions (they’re small, so you can use whole onions and not have halfies left over)

  • Albacore tuna, marked “very low sodium” (at albacore prices, naturally... ouch)

  • Sardines packed in water (very little sodium, especially compared to packed in mustard or oil)

  • Smoked oysters (more sodium than the fish, but still within reason)

  • Low-sodium Triscuits (I was looking for Wheat Thin(g)s, but these will do)

  • Bean sprouts (there’s a refrigerator at work, fortunately... I just didn’t want to fill it up

  • Mrs. Dash Tomato/Basil/Garlic Blend

  • Bananas

I have a few packs of ramen hiding in the back of one of my overhead bins; chuck the “flavor” packet and what’s left is the closest thing to instant pasta that I know of.

Googling for “cipollini onions,” I found some recipes for roasting them that sound absolutely divine as a side dish to beef or pork... but right now, I’m primarily concerned about what I can cook in the break room microwave. I cut up a couple of onions into the rice pot, threw in a small handful of bean sprouts, added some Mrs. Dash, and nuked the whole shebang then topped it with a can of tuna. The result was edible, if a little bland; I need to vary the ingredients a little bit and maybe toss in some green pepper. I’ll post a recipe when I get it right.

I’m thinking about how I can do something with the ramen & smoked oysters...


  1. FYI- I just linked this to The Daily Pulse (thanks for the link)- thedailypulse.blogspot.com and Hypnocrites- hypnocrites.blogspot.com.

    Hope that's cool.

  2. FYI- I just linked this to The Daily Pulse (thanks for the link)- thedailypulse.blogspot.com and Hypnocrites- hypnocrites.blogspot.com.


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