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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother’s Day!

Whether you’re a mother or another, I hope it was a pleasant one for you! If you didn’t get any flowers, please accept these Mother’s Day Roses (so called because that’s when they bloom) as a substitute.

Although it’s a 10-hour drive (when it’s not a holiday or spring break) to Mom’s place from FAR Manor, I’m still just a phone call away — I caught her before she headed over to Solar’s place; he was going to cook lobster if he could get it and steak if he couldn’t. She also got the flowers I sent; she told me she would send a picture so I could see what they look like. I gave Mrs. Fetched a hand getting the chicken houses ready this weekend — I was tired of doing work-related stuff every evening and weekend, and figured doing something filthy and mindless would be the change of pace I needed.

Mrs. Fetched wanted to show me these — she planted them last year and wasn’t sure they would make it. But as you can see, they’re doing just fine. If you know what they’re called, besides “Purple Bells,” please add a comment.

How did Mother’s Day weekend go at your place?


  1. Purple Bells... Monkshod, I believe? :) Phoned my Mom today, her and Dad are coming to visit Memorial Day weekend, so that will be fun enough. We've had our moments over the years, but things are pretty damn good nowadays, so that is happy. Sounds like you had a good weekend too, that is great!

  2. I'm the primary care giver for my Mom. So I'm with her everyday. All my siblings, their children, and grandchildren came in for the day.

    My Mom sat on the couch and acted like Her Royal Highness accepting gifts and flowers. In other words, she had a great day.

    Now if I could just get her to get that Queen Elizabeth wave down, then everything would be complete. :)


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