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Friday, May 19, 2006

Minute by minute

I should have known that this would bite us in the @$$ some day.

When we got our smellphones, we wound up on a rather generous plan, minute-wise. We signed up for more than we needed at the moment, plus what we don't use rolls over for up to a year. So we had a pretty big pile of minutes. Had.

Turns out that M.A.E. and her totally screwed-up friend (call her Miss T, or Misty), with a little help from the rest of us (but only a little, mind you) managed to run through all our rollover minutes, plus all our monthly allocation, plus some more. The upshot was a $320 smellphone bill. And both of these goofballs managed to lose their jobs at Wendy’s in the last couple of weeks. I was more than a little cheesed to find the two-hour conference call I was stuck on week before last cost me $11 for that one call (to an 800 number no less). I don’t know why I didn’t think of using the home phone for that; probably because it hasn’t been an issue up to now.

I was ready to throw all the phones, mine included, in a drawer and leave them alone for a month or so. Naturally, Mrs. Fetched balked at that — anything that inconveniences her is a non-starter, especially if I suggest it. For reasons totally unfathomable by male logic, she also didn’t collect the phone from M.A.E.

It’s probably a good thing that both M.A.E. and Misty haven’t been around for the last couple of days. Maybe they’ll grow up, get jobs, and find their own place(s) to live. Maybe pigs will come flying out my butt in the next 10 minutes. They’re both about as likely.


  1. About two years ago a relative told me he had to have a cell phone for his work. His credit rating is the pitts and he said he needed me to cosign. I went there and found out it was no cosign, it had to be in my name.

    I knew better, but I went ahead and got it. He had talked to them about the plan he was going on and I just filled out the papers and it went from there. For a year he was good about paying for all his calls. BTW if the phone isn't at his ear he goes through withdrawl.

    A while back he lost his job. All of a sudden I get a bill for $959.57. I told him this needs to be paid. He told me he didn't have the money right now, but would pay it when he could. I live on a small pension and had to get a loan to pay it off because the company was calling me. I told them to cut the phone off and don't ever let it be used again.

    To cut this long story short, I'm almost through paying for it and the relative still says when he gets the money. But, three weeks after I had it cut off he had another cell phone and has since then.

  2. Yup. The Boy says he wants to get his smellphone put in his own name, which is a good thing (if it actually happens). He been halfway OK about keeping his end of the phone bill paid up, but he could do better.


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