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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lost in Translation

Another gem from Techcomm.

There were red faces in the Ordnance Survey office when its English surveyors returned from compiling a list of house names in mid- and north Wales. The results contained an unusually high number of properties called “Gwyliwch rhag y ci” or “Caewch y git,” better known in English as “Beware of the Dog” or “Shut the Gate.”


  1. I am guessing, me being the literalist that I am, that these were just signs that were up, not the actual house names.

  2. Of course.

    It helps to understand that many houses in the UK have names — a practice that predates street numbering. So you could write a letter to Thomas Crapper at Sunrise Cottage, Blargham, and it would get delivered.

    I had to post this because my place also has a name... I just haven't gotten around to putting a sign out front.

  3. Wasn't Thomas Crapper the one who invented the flush mechanism? And about a mile west of my house is this area where a bunch of rich people live called Castle Park, and many in there have names.

  4. Not exactly — there was a Thomas Crapper, and he was a plumber, but the rest is... well, you can fill in the blank. :-)


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