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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

That didn’t last long...

Daughter Dearest has already bailed from her first job, after just over a week. Some b***h of a customer got snippy with her, which upset her, and her boss decided DD couldn’t handle the stress. She still has the second job with our friends from church, who have an e-learning business, so she’s not completely back to nesting in her room with the laptop. She (and Mrs. Fetched) met with her erstwhile boss today, who hasn’t changed her mind but will be willing to re-hire her once she has more waitressing experience.

So I think she’s going to apply at Fire Mountain. With any luck, we’ll be able to talk them into putting her on the same shift as M.A.E. so we only have to do one drop-off and pick-up.


  1. Sorry to hear about DD's predicament FARfetched. I've never understood the when you get more experience thing. When I was younger and heard that, I would want to say, "What the heck (actually a little stronger word), do you think I'm here for.

    Hope things work out for DD and you only have one drop off and pick-up.

  2. Thanks, FM, me too. I'm hoping I can get my motorcycle fixed, teach her how to drive a stick, and see her get her full driver's license. Then she can drive my car to work & I'll use the motorcycle.

  3. Remember that she has the restaurant gene from Mom's side of the family. Once she learns to treat customers like cattle, (get em in, get em out) nothing will bother her.

    Good luck with the stick shift lessons; I'm going out on a limb here, but I'd bet they don't go well. If she gets stressed out from a customer, just imagine how she will be with you pulling your finger nails out of the dash. :)

    Honestly, I think if she wants to learn she will do well.


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