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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fall Plants

With the advent of cooler weather, the fall flowers (and weeds) are coming in. Some of the weeds are offering fairly decent bribes this time around, and the regular plants are also doing well. I haven’t done a pictorial in a while, so…

This bottlebrush (or whatever it’s real name is) is the centerpiece of the flower bed in front of FAR Manor. This is the best I’ve ever seen it; I noticed it this morning when the sun was shining on it as I worked at home. To give you a good sense of perspective, the tops are about seven feet high.

The butterfly bushes, on the other hand, have been relatively scraggly with their blooms this year. We get blooms in the spring and fall though, which is probably why we haven’t ripped them all out of the ground in self-defense — they’re invasive and would take over if we let them. Not that it’s all bad; they were nearly swarmed by butterflies today.

This is one of the better pods.

The goldenrod sprung up on its own, and is very bright this year compared to its usual muted yellow. It’s growing around the butterfly bushes, and everywhere else, and contrasts nicely with the blue of the butterfly bushes.

These weeds are offering us a cheerful bribe to let them live. The blooms are about the size of a nickel; I guess it’s some wild variant of a daisy…

…and they’re growing everywhere too!

Kind of ugly, but in a soft feathery way. I pulled up a bunch of these last month and a zillion more sprung up. They stand 3 to 4 feet tall.

Some other colors will come in soon. I especially like the muted orange of some of the wildflowers that will start showing off before long.


  1. Hi FARfetched.

    I've wondered what the bottle bush is called. My neighbors have some around the pond and it looks very pretty.

    Those are some nice pictures of weeds around your place. :) I'm looking forward to the fall pics.

  2. Thanks, FM. I'm looking out my window now, as it's starting to get dark, and the bottle brush things are the brightest thing I see outside.

    Hey, did you ever get your wireless hub to behave? Mine needs an occasional reset just to let it know that I care. :-P

  3. Wow on the bottlebrush ... That is a crazy plant: I love it! :D

  4. Lovely series of photos there! I especially love the butterfly.

  5. The first pic you have is more commonly called Pampas Grass, aka Cortaderia selloana and because I'm a complete plant nerd, yours is a girl (mazel tov!) The boy pampas grass don't have such full-on fuzzy plumes. They are super-invasive in southern Calif but I'd imagine your climate is a little wetter than they like for optimal spread.

    Second pic is of a Buddleia davidii.

    No idea what those little yellow flowers are. Get a close-up and I might be able to figure it out.

  6. Wow, thanks for weighing in, folks — especially Fury for the information. You'll have to check out Olivia's blog; she posts the coolest tight close-ups of flowers.

    I think the little yellow flowers are still doing pretty well; I'll put up a pic tomorrow if so.


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