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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


A handful of things that didn’t necessary merit their own posts…

Fury asked for a close-up of the yellow flowers growing all over the manor grounds; here it is. They’re about the size of a nickel. Whatever they are, they’re very prolific. Click on the picture to get something larger than life.

Mixed emotions: some time last night, I dropped my smellphone in the driveway. The Boy found it, after someone either stepped on it or ran it over (or Mrs. Fetched’s dog played with it). The screen, amazingly, is OK; but everything else seems to be in worse shape than it looks. The keyboard doesn’t key, and it doesn’t recognize the sync cable. I stuffed my SIM card into an old Nokia we had laying around, and it worked, so whoever smooshed the Moto didn’t do a good enough job. Yay, maybe I’ll get a new phone with a decent camera — boo, new phone = extended contract.

Daughter Dearest came down, asked, “are you blogging my singing?” (She’s working on a piece for her All-State Chorus audition on Saturday.) I hadn’t planned to, but since she said something…. Then she saw the flower picture and forgot about it. Man. She’ll also be 17 on Saturday — I hope the audition judges give her a b-day present, although she’s good enough that she really doesn’t need it.

Wow, did the Tigers open up a can of Whoop-Ass on the Yankers or what? I hope they have another one for the A’s. And one more for the Series. I might have to get interested in baseball for a couple of weeks.

Driving the Sunfire makes me miss my Civic. It does what it needs to, getting decent gas mileage in the process, but it feels as heavy as a truck in some ways. I’m sure new struts (like the Civic got) will help, but I don’t think it will ever feel as nimble. Not to mention the stereo. Or the lack of cruise control. Or the two-acre dashboard (seriously, I’m thinking of Velcro’ing some plants up there).

I guess kerosene heaters are like the last consumer product that don’t try to be idiot-proof and are designed to be serviced by the end-user. I haven’t tried firing it up yet, though: I need fresh kerosene, at $3/gal. I’ll probably get to it Thursday night or maybe over the weekend.

What little things are on your mind today?


  1. Hi FARfetched.

    Nice flower picture. I'm still experimenting with marco to see what I can get.

    On the smellphone, we got one of the Go phones for the trip out to Arkansas. First cell I've ever had. Although I never use it unless I'm leaving the house, I can't imagine even running an errand without it now.

    Happy Birthday to Daughter Dearest on Saturday.

  2. Can't you buy a phone on-line and switch the SIM card over? Steve did that when his phone crapped out, he bought one from a on-line dealer.

    How bout them Tigers!!! Kicked the A's butt in the first game. Love watching baseball a bit more than before when a team I like is playing well, and a new TV doesn't hurt either.

    Happy B-day DD, WOW she's going to be 17? Holy cow, didn't seem that long I was taking her to the park so she could play on the monkey bars.

    Be careful with that heater, those things can be a bit nasty if they're not working right.

    It's amazing the differance between the Sunfire and the Civic isn't it? Even with both cars being 10 years or so old, the Honda is still the better car. No wonder GM and Ford are going down the tubes, even afterr 10 years they can't close the quality gap. I had someone give me a little jab the other night about not buying an American car, then I opened his door on his Monte Carlo and pointed out that his car was built in Mexico. At least Honda and Nissan employ American workers.

  3. Hi FARfetched,

    Nothing much on my mind. I just thought I'd drop in and say HI.

    We were looking at flooring the other day and I thought about that picture you posted a couple of weeks ago when you were working on some floor related project.

    And I decided to back off and not buy anything. I just don't have your (or Mrs Fetched) energy levels.

  4. Thanks FF. Helianthus helianthoides, I think. Common name is Ox-eye Sunflower (it's part of the Sunflower family) or Helianthus mollis. H. helianthoides is a common inclusion in wildflower seed mixes.

    (yay, more latin you probably don't want to know).

  5. Hooray for helianthus helianthoides (now why can't speech be copy&paste?). Thanks for the lesson, Fury — don't mind the Latin a bit! I took two years of it in high school.

    Katie, the floor is still where it was when we ran out of wood. I've located something that's almost right (it's the right height, most importantly, but a little wider). Mrs. Fetched has set a Thanksgiving deadline to get the living room floor sanded & refinished.

    FM, Solar, I wound up getting the phone that The Boy was using (and he got the clunky but utterly reliable old Nokia). It's a Moto V551 with video & everything. I hope I can get all his pictures off it; I'm going to write down his numbers so he can punch them into the Nokia.


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