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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Podcast from FAR Manor (#2) - news, DVR reviews, PS/3 mania

Listen up! direct link (11.7MB MP3) | archive page (listen online)

I wanted to have this online Sunday, but podcasting is Hard Work.

00:00 - Introduction
00:43 - News briefs from FAR Manor
02:18 - Digital Voice Recorder reviews - Sony ICD-P320, XtremeMac MicroMemo
07:44 - A chat with three guys waiting in line on the eve of the PS3 launch on November 17
38:17 - Closing comments

A few photos from the PS3 lineup:
Close to the head of the line at Best Buy. The line wrapped around the side of the building and went all the way to the back.

Inside the gamers' tent. About as comfortable as you can get, sleeping on concrete in mid-November.

Chris, who did most of the talking during the PS3 segment, wields the Staff of Ramen.

Cody was featured in a Reuters photo posted on Yahoo News, taken earlier in the day.

Production Notes
Audio recorded with a Sony ICD-P320 standalone digital voice recorder and a XtremeMac MicroMemo iPod accessory. The audio from the ICD-P320 was extracted to an HP Media Center PC and burned to a CD; audio from the MicroMemo was extracted through iTunes. Audio files were edited on a G3 iBook, running MacOSX 10.4.8, using Audacity 1.3.2-beta.

Theme music is “Jump Around” by Psycho Maniak (no link/contact info available — help!).

Audio content hosted on:
Internet Archive


  1. Hi FARfetched.

    Very cool indeed! I think you did a great job on this podcast. From the sound of you voice and the timing you have, I was thinking of someone interviewing on NPR.

    I'm looking forward to more podcasts.

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed to ... you sound like a pro! :)

  3. That's too ... no to.

    I loved the applause after the floor finish comment ... LOL

  4. Thanks guys!

    It's amazing what audio editing software can do. Even working with a script, I tend to stumble over words a lot -- I can just pause, repeat, and cut out all the garbage!

    I'm far better in print than in real-time.


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