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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rosemary and visitor

There are many things I don’t know about plants. One of the things I didn’t know was that rosemary blossoms in the fall.

A little patience (and double-checking in view mode) is required to get good macro shots with this camera. If you click to get the larger image, though, you can get a good look at a tiny insect down on the bottom flower. He didn’t seem to be fazed at all about me getting less than a foot from him.

That yellow string-looking thing behind the upper flower is part of the parsley plant. The heat and drought knocked it way back, although it’s starting to recover with cooler weather. There were several stalks that didn’t hold themselves up, and that probably kept them alive, but now I need to stake them up so they’ll get what sun there is at this time of year. Rosemary, on the other hand, is one of the hardiest non-weed plants I’ve seen. Heat doesn’t bother it, drought doesn’t bother it, winter doesn’t bother it, getting run over by a minivan doesn’t bother it… you get the idea.

I’ll have to clip it a little before too long — I’ll be making a batch of beer and boiling rosemary into the wort really mellows it out.


  1. The rosemary looks absolutely lovely! Oh, how I wish I could have a glass of beer every now and again, but sadly an aging digestive system revolts if I try! thanks for visiting my blog, cheers, JP

  2. Hi FARfetched.

    My sister had some rosemary in pots and I asked if she was going to use it to cook with. She said are you kidding? So I guess she just uses it as an ornamental plant.

    I would have never thought of using it in beer.

  3. Hi JP, thanks for visiting. I know what you mean about revolting digestive systems; I'm staying away from stuff I love, like bacon & eggs & sausage, thanks to cholesterol issues.

    FM, rosemary is one of those confidence-building plants. Remember to water it once in a while and it's happy. Tell your sister that it's a popular herb, so she can just clip a little when she needs it instead of paying $4 for a little jar of the stuff.

    Beer can have various herbs in it; I would try oregano except that it died this summer. :-(

  4. Great photo FAR! I love rosemary the most of all the herbs -- well, maybe tied w/ basil. I love that you caught the little bug there. =:) I had never seen flowering rosemary 'til my kitchen window pots started. Very pretty little flowers too. :) I've still got it growing in the garden here, but it'll soon be covered w/ snow.

  5. Great photo, Far. Rosemary grows like trees (slight exaggeration) here on Puget Sound. I love the scent. But I'm allergic to it. A friend of mine and I back in Ohio were using it to make winter holiday decorations. By the end of the day I was a mess. More information than you needed, right?

  6. Hi guys...

    Olivia, the rosemary will be quite happy in the snow I think. Indeed, if it gets a light snow, it will probably look very pretty.

    P4, too bad about the allergies. I thank God I don't have any myself, but Mrs. Fetched is violently allergic to shellfish (a taste will make her break out all over). What kind of holiday decorations were you making?


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