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Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year’s Festoovities

Family Man described the quiet New Year’s the FFamily is planning. We’re going down to Big V’s — it will be interesting to see how it goes. I don’t think anyone will get wearing-lampshades smashed, after the Hallowe’en party she threw a few years back, but things could get interesting.

I think my favorite New Year's at FAR Manor was the first one, when The Boy and I built a brush fire in the burn cage out behind the big garage (Mrs. Fetched called it a night early on). We tended the fire, I drank some rum, we let it die down and said goodnight. It’s likely to be rainy at FAR Manor tomorrow night, so we won’t be able to repeat that one this time around. The rain should also put the damper on fireworks displays, although I expect a couple of people will choose to get wet and shoot them off anyway. Fireworks seems to be a Southern phenomenon; I certainly don’t remember people doing that in Michigan… probably because it’s usually too dang cold to stand outside at night this time of year.

Oh, and is anyone having (or had) a Festivus celebration? That “Airing of Grievances” part seems like a dangerous thing to try with the in-laws without some modifications (I’m thinking the grievances would have to be posted anonymously and not name names, although some things would be too obvious anyway). Letting Mrs. Fetched wrestle me to the floor might be fun, though!


  1. Hi Farfetched.

    That sounds like a wonderful New Years memory. For some reason the one that sticks in my mind is just sitting in my apartment in Germany and watching German tv on New Years Eve. Amazing what they show on tv over there. :)

    I actually never heard of the Festivus celebration. I'm one of the few that never was much of a Seinfeld fan.

    Hope ya'll have a good New Year.

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours.
    Fireworks are a big thing here in the Philly area too.
    Tonight Hubby and I will be heading to the casino for dinner and slots.
    I remember that show on Seinfeld and we won't dare do it here to many hot Irish temper...lol.
    Have a great one and be safe.

  3. I'm the only one at FAR Manor who doesn't watch Seinfeld, it seems. I heard about it on the Techcomm mailing list and went hunting for info. Amazing what people will pick up on.

    Yeah, FM, I've heard about German TV. If it was like that here, I might get interested in watching it. :-D

  4. Oh yes, festivus for the rest of us! :D

    Happy New Year FAR to you and the FARfamily!


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