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Monday, December 04, 2006

What to do?

Daughter Dearest has been AIM’ing with various people for a while now. She’s hooked up with a 19 year old college student from Indiana, and now he wants to come down and visit for the holidays (for whatever reason, neither of his parents want him around, nice people).

Oddly enough, I’m the one being paranoid for a change. Mrs. Fetched, who would usually lead the opposition on this one, is leaving it up to me (which means she has already telegraphed her answer and will ignore me if I make the “wrong” decision). I’ll have to admit, her people instincts have been better than mine in most regards. (That is different from getting tangled up with FAR Manor, everything I warned about back then has come to pass.)

I think I’ll have to make a “decision” by tomorrow, which means I need to agree to this visit. It’s probably fine, but I could use a little encouragement.


  1. Hi FARfetched.

    That reminds me when both my sisters bought their college sweethearts home to the farm for the summer and to meet the family. They both ended up marrying them, but I did feel sorry for them those summers. On the farm no one sat around during the summer and my dad put both of them to work. Trust me, my dad worked their back ends off.

    Maybe a couple of visits out to the chicken houses would show what kind of kid he is. I know after my b-i-l's summer visits, my dad was pretty satisfied with them.

  2. LOL FM ... let us know how it goes FAR.

  3. I'd suggest that you - or you and Ms. Fetched - first agree to meet this guy in a neutral, public location. Perhaps a coffeehouse or restaurant...without DD around.

    If he doesn't agree to that, there is something fishy going on. If he does, you get to judge his character before letting him alone with your daughter.

  4. Hi Jeff, we were planning to do that anyway — ostensibly, we need to do it because getting to FAR Manor can be tricky for the first-timer & he’ll need to follow us there. I don’t think we’ll be able to not have DD around, but it might be interesting to watch where the eyeballs go... the um, target area is... shall we say, hard to miss... so that might not be completely fair. ;-)

  5. Well, that beats out my suggestion. Or maybe you can ombine it with meeting him at the coffee shop. Take along a butcher's cleaver, a sharpening stone and a look like Gary Sinise on a particularly bug-eyed day. Make a point of sharpening the cleaver as you ask him pointed questions. If he still shows up he just might be okay.

    I actually did this once, unpremeditated but I still did it. I was sharpening a cleaver in preparation for making some Chinese food for a party. I answer the door, thinking it's one of the partygoers, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a man from the City who showed up to install a flow limiter in our shower head. He was very polite and cordial as he explained the benefits of reduced water usage, but he probably had a story to tell his wife that night.


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