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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Post-Company Party Yawns

The company party was tonight, and was really nice this year. For one thing, it was on a weekend instead of after work so Mrs. Fetched came along — she doesn’t like doing the drive that I do five days a week. Heck, I don’t much like it myself, but someone has to deal with the cost of living. For another thing, they moved it from a restaurant near the office (last two years) to a club. Lots more room, better selection of food, and the bar served a great rum&coke. They cut back on the door prizes to offset the extra cost… but when you don’t win anyway, who cares?

But now I’m ready for bed. 'Night.


  1. Hi FARfetched.

    Some of the best company parties I ever had was when I was stationed at a Environmental laboratory in Germany. We had a coke fund that made so much money that once a quarter we had to throw a party to get rid of the money. You couldn't go over a certain amount in your coke fund.

    We did everything from closing the lab for a day to renting out gausthauses for the parties. That was the way back then military. Now of days I couldn't see that happening. The thing I like about there was out of about 25 people we all liked each other and had a great time any time we got together. Offices like that are far and few between.

    Oh BTW I've finally got my wireless router to work. Don't know how, but it's working. :)

  2. sounds like great fodder for b stories ... :)

  3. At least you get a Holiday party. We get meat: the company provides a turkey for a luncheon, and we provide the dressing. It's held in the upstairs conference room, during office hours. No booze allowed.

    Overall, this company discourages social interaction.

  4. Hi Jeff.

    I've worked in one office like that and didn't enjoy it at all. I've always believed in getting the job done, but a good office atmosphere seemed to make getting the job done so much easier.

  5. FM, Jeff is working at one of the Planet Georgia branches of Hell Itself. And congrats on getting your router working!

    One place I worked at just gave us turkeys. Not a turkey diner... an entire uncooked turkey! (At least it wasn't a live turkey.)


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