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Monday, January 22, 2007

Data recovery!

I got a disk enclosure at CrudUSA today — they didn’t have any Firewire boxes, just USB2.0. But it was only $20 and works OK with newer Macs. I spent a couple of hours digging the hard drive out of my iBook, which incidentally exposed the video chip that needs to be heated up. I'll craft a heat shield for it tomorrow (while working at home) and take it into work Wednesday. The computer took a minute or two to recognize the new drive, but it’s been fine since then.

Maybe I'll take Daughter Dearest’s iBook apart tomorrow evening. If that goes as planned, I can take them both in and get them both (I hope! I hope! I hope!) fixed at once. If the fix doesn’t work, it’ll be back to CrudUSA for another drive enclosure; then we’ll both at least have our data where we can get to it.


  1. Hi FARfetched.

    Congrats on getting everything back. I've got a few questions for you.

    1. What is a disk enclosure? Is it an external hard drive?
    2. Does it only work on MAC's?
    3. If it works on PC's, do you think I could recover my info I lost last years? That is, if I didn't reformat the hard drive trying to get the computer to work.

    Hope you have as much luck with Daughter Dearest's iBook.

    Take care.

  2. Now that Blogger is working again, here's some answers!

    1) A disk enclosure is half of an external hard drive, with the hard drive itself being the second half. :-) They come in two sizes, 2-1/2 inch for laptop drives & 3-1/2 inch for desktop drives. The connectors inside are different.

    2) It works on any 21st century computer, and many 20th century computers. The enclosure I got came with a driver CD for W98; anything else should just recognize it without having to load a driver.

    3) Yes, if you put it in an enclosure, you should be able to get the data on it unless the hard drive was the problem to begin with (or you reformatted it).

    I hope your old system was a desktop... even with instructions, and nothing to lose, tearing a laptop apart is scary.

  3. Thanks for the info FARfetched. Next time I'm in the big city, I'll take a look.


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