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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Updated: Who’s Who and What’s What

If you’re a new reader, or just can’t remember who goes where in this free-range insane asylum, I keep a series of informational posts. It’s actually the page for June 2005, but I didn’t post anything that month — the only month in which I didn’t post anything since I started the blog.

There used to be a link in the sidebar, but it was a casualty of the upgrade. So were all my Techcomm links. And the link to Olivia’s blog got whacked too. Back to maintenance....


  1. Hey FAR ... that was a great link. Good to read that who's who. :)

    How are finding things post-change? Are you happy w/ it? I've yet to do it myself.

  2. Hi FARfetched.

    I haven't really noticed any differences in my blog yet. I sure once I start playing around with it more I will though.

  3. Yeah, overall I'm OK with the new version. There are several things I like, especially the tags... enough that I might go back & tag some older posts. The other things I like are the collapsable archive list, the Customize and New Post links in the banner up top, and the Edit links along the sidebar (which makes it easy to add a new blog or restore an old one) .

    Just back up your blog before you change over (pull up each month and save) — it's something I try to do every month anyway, but don't always remember. If something goes horribly wrong, you'll at least have the page content (but not the comments). A blogger backup-er program would be handy....

  4. Good idea re: the backup ... I'm thinking of doing the switchover this w/e.


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