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Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Joke’s on Me

MegabytePet photography can be… frustrating. I learned that a long time ago (dang, has it really been 24 years?). Megabyte (age 11 months at the time), was in a mellow mood for a change, so I thought it would be cute to get him to pose for a portrait. Getting him to hold still for five seconds, though, turned out to be difficult. He would put his paw down, or stretch, or come over to see what I was doing with the camera. I persisted, though, and finally got the shot.

And what does he do but STICK HIS TONGUE OUT????


  1. Oh cute. 24 years - wow & you were already thinking in megabytes! I'm impressed.

    Your cat looks just like my granddaughter.

  2. Hey KB… your granddaughter? Does she stick her tongue out when people take her picture too?

  3. LOL FAR! Capturing kitty tongues is a highlight ... hehe. Megabyte, what a great name! Does that name describe his dominant character trait ... >'.'<

  4. Hi O. Yes, he was named for his chewing when he was a kitten (I pretty much had scratched up to both elbows, we played rough). So he was just Byte at first... then he got fat.

    I put him on a diet once. He got fatter, and the rabbits at the bottom of the driveway disappeared. Coincidence? Maybe.

    He's been gone for 8 years or so, now. Looking for warmth at Thanksgiving, he got under my mother-in-law's van. He was getting deaf and may not have realized the van had started up — then again, he may have decided he didn't want to face another winter.

  5. She has a little fat face and something about the way she holds her mouth, she really looks like cat pictures. It's weird.

    I've never mentioned it to her parents. I wonder what they'd say?

  6. Hi FARfetched.

    Nice picture and cat. Taking a picture of Cat or George is pretty easy for me because they sleep so much. I was out today taking pictures of the azaleas in the front yard. I figured since it rained the other day I would get something other than yellow pine pollen.

  7. Hey FM, those were nice azalea shots. I couldn't leave a comment because Haloscan was wanting to act up, though.

    In the video, is that a lantern hanger about 26 seconds from the beginning? Looks like that would be a good place to hang a light and shoot the breeze into the night, anyway.

  8. Hey FAR.

    It not a latern, My s-i-l put it out there for a hanging flower pot. It would be a good place to shoot the breeze except for the mosquitoes.


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