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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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Jimmy Last-Minute brought his tax stuff by late Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the chicken house festoovities prevented me from doing much with them until yesterday night. And of course, he'd left out some crucial information that we needed to expense the tools we bought for his business, which we got this afternoon.

So now his taxes are done, and Intuit’s “Filing Center” is too busy to take an e-file. “Try again in an hour or two,” it suggests. Unfortunately, it’s already past 10 p.m. so it can’t be two hours. I suggested several times yesterday that we file an extension for him and he completely ignored me (not even a “I don’t want to do that”). So I’ll be pinging the server every 10 minutes or so until I get through. WIth any luck, I’ll get through before midnight.

If he doesn’t have everything here before April 1 next year, he can take it to H&R Block for all I care.


  1. Ugh ... taxes ... still have some time up here, but need to get them done too. :/

  2. Hey O.

    I gave up at 1am and went to bed. They got through at 8 this morning. That's going to ding some amount off his return, not sure how much but that's why I wanted him to have that extension in the mail.

    Our own taxes have been done, filed, and returns were direct-deposited last week. Daughter Dearest was stuck with a $40 pay-up, so we waited until yesterday to mail that. :-)

  3. Hi FARfetched.

    Yeah I've got to do my taxes. I'm not too worried because since I've been living on only my retirement, I have more than enough taken out to always get a refund back. I had a tax preparer tell me one time that if the gov. owes you, they don't come running after you so hard about the filing. Of course my entire reason has been nothing but lazy. It's actually kind of stupid when I think about it because I can always use the money.

    Since you had a late night, I hope you have a quiet day today.

  4. You are a good friend FARfetched, I've always thought that. But staying up till past midnight trying to file a tax return for a friend, wow. That's a sacrifice.

  5. Hi guys.

    As it turns out, he's off the hook. Intuit's efile server was flooded out, and Jimmy was one of thousands whose returns didn't get through. The IRS is waiving penalties.


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