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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Basil seedlingsIt took a while, but the basil seeds I saved from previous years’ plants are starting to sprout. I was starting to wonder… and most of the marjoram pots haven’t shown anything yet. But a good dozen basil plants will give me more than enough pesto this year. I might take some to the local farmer’s market later on, when the plants are thriving in the hot sun and I have plenty.

The Pesto King is seeing his domain grow. Unfortunately, we’re in for some below-freezing weather this weekend, so I’ve hauled them all into Studio FARfetched and plugged the electric heater back in. That should keep things happy.

I also bought a spearmint plant and put it over by the rosemary last weekend. It’s already half again as big as it was when I brought it home. The parsley seems to have given up the ghost, but I can get some more. It will probably like the impending chilly weather. I need to get some more oregano, too. I thought I’d saved some seeds from the first plant, but have no clue where they went. One of The Boy’s friends probably tried smoking them. :-P

Lilac bushMeanwhile, the lilac bush out front is blooming better than I’ve ever seen before. Or I might just be paying attention this year. Trying to upstage the dogwoods…


  1. Congrats on the new babies!

    Good morning FAR.

    Being overrun w/ basil sounds like a dream ... I never seem to have enough and have to be stingey w/ how much I pick ... and have never had luck w/ growing it from seeds. It's exciting to see your basil seedlings ... :)

    How does your rosemary look?

    And the lilac is gorgeous! I bet it smells delicious.

  2. Hi FARfetched.

    I've been thinking of getting basil and other plants to cook with, but I have a brown thumb and everything I've ever tried to grow dies. To think at one time I wanted to be a farmer. Probably a good thing I didn't. :)

    I agree with Olivia about the lilac.

  3. It all looks beautiful to me FARfetched. I wish I could smell it. We've got one lilac bush and I love it.

    Hi Olivia & FamilyMan!

  4. Hey guys!

    The basil was an experiment, really. I'd saved a bunch of seed pods from basils of summers past and thought I'd give it a try. It took about a week to see something happening after I planted them -- it probably helped that it was warm and sunny that week, and I kept them well-watered.

    O, the rosemary is half&half. I'm gonna kill me a dog or two... the ones that keep peeing on them, anyway. Oh, check your email. Solar has solved your plump menace problem.

    FM, there's hope. Mrs. Fetched thought she was also a brown thumb. She kept at it though and eventually succeeded. Some people have a knack for growing plants; others can learn it.

    So far, everything else is looking OK despite it being 25F out there. Unfortunately, we have two more nights of this & I figure the blooms will be pretty well dead by the end of it. I have some shots of the cherry tree I took yesterday evening that I have to post, too.


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