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Saturday, April 05, 2008

“Beauty and the Beach”

As I often do on vacation, I will type up posts as they happen then post them when I can, back-dating them to the proper day. If you come to look at vacation posts, this is the first.

I can’t take the credit (or blame) for that title: it’s what Indian Rocks Beach is calling their mini-festival today.

Truck stop sign: Free meal with 150gal purchaseThe drive down was anything but beautiful, though. I was hoping The Boy would show up at the office around 5:30, which would have gotten us here around 2 a.m. Being his mother’s child, he never shows up on time for anything, and always has “a good reason” (thunderstorms and a brain-fart that sent him back home) so it was closer to 7:30 by the time he arrived. It was some of the worst driving weather in recent memory — I was hoping we would get past the rain by the time we got to Macon, but it sprinkled on & off pretty much all the way down. So between one thing and another, we got here around 4:30 a.m. We hit a truck stop somewhere south of Macon because the kids were whining about needing a bathroom (read: cigarette) break and snacks. I am stunned by the generosity of the truck stop owners: dump $600 on gas (diesel is $4/gal), and get a “free” meal! I was going to have The Boy drive one leg of the trip so I could get a brief rest before bringing us through Tampa and over to the beach, but he was sound asleep at that point so I just kept on. I was pretty well wasted by the time we got here.

Of course, The Boy had to start being a butthead almost immediately, playing the TV, flipping switches, and generally making noise. I shushed him several times before finally falling asleep and passing beyond all knowledge of further stupidity. Of course, I can't sleep past 9:30 anymore for just about any reason, so I’m running on short sleep rations today. A brief afternoon nap helped, and I made a list of things I forgot to bring and may not need anyway: bicycle, folding chairs, cooler, etc. Mom or Solar probably can help with that. The Boy suggested I buy “us” a six-pack, but I told him we’re a long way from the chicken houses so I don’t need to drink.

Indian Rocks BeachBut there are compensations. I'm on the beach. A veritable buffet of bikinis offer an endless feast for the eyes. A live band provides the soundtrack. There is beer. Even at $3 a pop, I'm coming out ahead because I'd pay more than that for a six-pack & The Boy would drink it before I got one or two. Our tax refunds came in, so I can afford $3 beer. The Boy & Snippet are currently off checking out the beach or something and leaving me alone. Life, for now, is good. Even on short sleep. The one flaw preventing the scene from being perfect is Internet access. There are plenty of wi-fi nodes in the area, but all of them are passworded (good for them!).

Jason Young provided the music. I couldn't get the video to “process”, so I’ll try posting it later in a miscellaneous photo post.


  1. I've been eagerly awaiting your 'vacation' posts, FAR, lol. Glad you all made it w/out incident on I75 (I assume?) and you had some well deserved beers on the beach. Though ya know, all the time I lived in FL, I could never get the whole beach thing ... must be something about exposing skin and getting royally burnt to a crisp that had something to do with that, hehe.

  2. Hey IVG!

    I'm fortunate in that I have a fairly dark complexion to begin with, so I tan more than burn. As I've started skidding into middle age, I've found that I need to slap a *little* sunscreen on my face and the tops of my shoulders… at least in Florida. If I were to spend a lot of time there, I would probably turn dark brown & could once again skip the grease.

    I75 was less of a problem this year than last. Last year, traffic delayed us nearly 3 hours — this year, it was more like 3 minutes. A bit of a slowdown where the lanes narrowed going south, some in Tampa going north, but that was it. It might have helped that we were driving the night shift.

    I've got one more post to put up, the miscellaneous pix and notes, and I'll get that after spending about an hour finishing up the kids' taxes.


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