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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Glitches, continued [UPDATED]

Um. Well, now Snippet is not at FAR Manor, at least tonight. A kidney ailment turned out to be a urinary tract infection (I thought only guys got those?). They also checked her for appendicitis (doesn’t appear to be an issue) and pregnancy (no and cue “Hallelujah Chorus” there). She was spiking into high-fever territory, so they wanted to keep her there for the night — fine with me! Her mom managed to show up and stay with her the night… one can only hope that she suddenly decides she can’t be without her baby and takes her with when they check out.

UPDATE: Snippet may have a kidney stone, which will necessitate further work. Probably later, though. Mrs. Fetched called the hospital before I left for work this morning to see what was going on; Snippet will be returning to FAR Manor some time today.


  1. Oh. My. I sure hope they have health insurance. Poor Snippet.

    And no, Beth has a new post up. Better check it out!

  2. Hey KB. I think she has Medicaid — her mom has had to deal with breast cancer, so I figure she knows what to do there. Also check update.

    Off to check Beth's new post. The DSL was acting up (AGAIN) last night.

  3. I hope that she is feeling better soon, and back at the manor.

  4. yiiiiiiiikes ... that is painful!

  5. Hey guys!

    She's out of the hospital, but The Boy and she went somewhere (unauthorized) last night. I think I'm going to ask The Boy to just move out — Snippet wouldn't be a problem with him not around, but she'd probably follow him anyway.


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