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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soon to be “Snipped.” I hope.

After the little episode on vacation, in which Snippet back-talked to Mrs. Fetched, she (with my full support) decided that Snippet was to be ejected once we got home. She told Snippet to call her (Snippet’s) mom and let her know she was going to have to return — and why. Mrs. Fetched is really bad about making such pronouncements and then going back on them, which has given The Boy reason to believe he can pretty much do anything he wants without repercussions (once the storm blows over), so I wasn’t sure if that was going to be the case (again) this time.

I came home from work Monday to find no movement… turned out Mrs. Fetched misplaced Snippet’s mom’s phone number, and Snippet wasn’t exactly quick to set up the process of her own ejection (understandable, even if wrong). Yesterday, still no movement.

“So is Snippet gone yet?”

“Two weeks,” Mrs. Fetched said. She hasn’t offered any explanation since then, and I’m not sure what the delay is about. In Snippet’s shoes, I wouldn’t exactly be quick to toe the line anymore. After all, what good would it do? The decision has been made and doing what she should have been doing (and as importantly, avoiding what she shouldn’t have been doing) isn’t going to change that. I just hope this isn’t a stall tactic, in hopes that I’ll forget that she should be leaving. I forget stuff all the time, but I won’t forget this.


  1. Stand firm, FAR! Make it happen for your, Mrs Fetched and DD's sake. You've put up with far too much nonsense in this regard for far too long, IMO. But I'm just a midwest curmudgeon who has a low tolerance threshold for such kinds of BS. If she dissed Mrs. Fetched as I suspect, no more free rent! That's ridiculous, even if I understand what TB might be going through. Actions (like elections) have consequences, right?

    Good luck on the most recent installment of As the Manor Turns!

  2. Boot them both out, show them the curb, see yah, bye bye, and so long. You don't know how bad I wanted to let him know how I feel, but, he was being a angel towards me, he's smarter than I thought. LOL

    Feel for you bro, have you ever thought of saying, "it's me or the Boy, pick one." :)

  3. Hey guys!

    Turns out the mom-unit is in the process of moving. Moving closer to us (boo!), but that will give Snippet the opportunity to attend the GED classes we helped her get enrolled in (yay!). BTW, that was one angle she tried using to get us to change our minds: "I won't be able to get to school." Our response was, "Oh well. You should have thought about that first."

    Yeah, IVG, we've put up with a lot of nonsense, but it's coming to an end.

    Solar, I think The Boy will move out as soon as he can find a freebie. :-) Maybe he'll move in with Snippet's mom; that would be interesting. As for the "pick one" idea… it just might come to that if there's a change.

  4. Wow, you guys are lenient. I had a chick stay with me for about a week (without permission) when I still lived with my folks. At the end of the week, my dad said, "She has to leave now," and that was that. His house, his rules. I didn't like the rules, so I manned up and moved out.

    More recently, we had a roommate at the farmhouse where I live who turned out to be a thief. He stole from basically everyone, and even took my roomie's girlfriend's car for a spin after finding the keys while snooping around where he didn't belong. We told him he had a couple days to leave. When his stuff was still there a couple days later, it was moved to the porch until he came and got it. My guess about that guy was that his folks let him get away with way too much when he lived with them. If you let your kids get away with too much, they'll be in for a shock when they try the same shenanigans on people with no emotional attachment to them. That's my two cents, anyway.

  5. (shaking head) Oh, FAR -- that Snippet sounds like a very bad roommate....

    How old is she?

  6. Whew! I thought that you were getting a vasectomy, Far.

  7. Hey all…

    Paulo, it's more like we don't want to toss a kid, especially a female one, on the street. We can put up with her, mostly, for another two weeks. But "my house, my rules" (or variations on the theme) is something I tell The Boy fairly often.

    KB, she's 17. As of yesterday. Thrillsville.

    Boran, I was going to if Mrs. Fetched didn't have a c-section for Daughter Dearest. But things were already accessed in her case, so *she* got the snip. Not that I ever intend to have any more kids. The ones I got are quite enough, especially when they bring more home with them!

  8. I was referring to your title. ;-)

  9. Yeah, B2, I can see where one might have had that thought. I just find it amusing in the context of my life right now…


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