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Sunday, December 07, 2008


(P)ass the CheerThis morning, I went hunting for my ornaments. I didn’t find the computer, but I found the 6-pack and put it back on the tree where it belonged.

After lunch this afternoon, Mrs. Fetched pulled up a chair right in front of the tree. I still don’t know why. But I was getting ready to help her when she spied the 6-pack ornament and yanked it off the tree. “I don’t want this on there.” I gaped at her. “Well, I don’t.”

So much for helping her clean up. It’s her project, and I have no ownership or say in it. So it’s all hers. I went to get some cat food, since we were out and Sprite was attempting to break his personal best climbing up the glass door to see where we were with the food. I took my sweet time coming back home… no reason to be there, anyway.

Fail treeWhen I came home, this is what I found sitting on my dresser. Nice try, but I don’t know how the thing stays up without that ornament pulling it over.

And I still don’t know what happened to the computer ornament.


  1. I'll admit to not knowing much about Christmas trees but that 6 pack strikes me as a bit untraditional. At least you've got a place for it now. ;-)

  2. Not much of a place, Boran. :-)

    The thing is, I was ready to pitch in and try to have a good attitude about this whole thing. All it would have cost Mrs. Fetched is two stinking ornaments on the tree. So much for that.

  3. Well now you have a woman you your side of this too. Two silly little ornaments is not a lot to ask. And they aren't even bad. It's not like you've got some big boobed Cancun bikini girl in a thong with her buttcheeks hanging out hanging on the tree. I mean heck. Put em on the back of the tree or something, lady!

    {{{smartass little mischief maker mode on}}} You could go get a new fake tree for the back yard (or really piss her off and put it out front)and cover it in the most egregiously offensive ornaments you can find or manufacture EXCEPT for your computer and beer. That way she can see just how bad it could be. {{{slmmm off}}}


  4. Ah, FAR, the infamous six pack! Seriously, Mrs. Fetched could give just a little and allow you one fun ornament somewhere! I really like Wooly's ornery suggestion too... hehe.

    We got our tree Monday night but it's still in a bucket of water on the porch. We'll definitely get it up by this weekend and start decorating, so I have something besides death to blog about. Not been a happy week at Casa IVG, alas.

    We have a wine bottle ornament and champagne fountain on our tree, so there Mrs. Fetched!

  5. A champaign fountain, IVG? That's cool.

    None of my slobberhounds could take the place of Pepa, but I'd gladly offer up all four of them to take her place. I hope you can still find some joy this Christmas in spite of losing your furbaby.


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