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Friday, December 12, 2008

Staycation, Day 0

The policy at work is that you can’t carry over more than two weeks of vacation each year, and we get three. I’d only used one week this year, so I had to unload some more days. Fortunately(?), my workload hit a lull point — that’s the life of a technical writer; you’re either swamped or bored to death. I’ve been dealing with minor projects I’d had to let slide for a while, with a side of occasional brushfire, but most of those are starting to wind out. So I put in for the time.

Between the screwy chicken house schedule (the next batch comes in on Christmas Eve, for cryin' out loud) and a profound lack of funds, we had neither the means nor the opportunity to go anywhere… so we’re staying here at FAR Manor. At least Daughter Dearest is home from college; there may be some levity on occasion. She got a B+ on one class, and has good hopes for the others. Due to the mono, she has an “incomplete” in algebra, so I’ll be helping her out with that. No biggie.

Arriving at home, the staycation started pretty much the way I expect it to go for the next couple of weeks: Mrs. Fetched gave me a minute to drop my stuff and use the bathroom, then sent me down to her mom’s for pizza. Her mom, in turn, sent me back to town with $100 to buy lotto tickets. Ohhhhhh… kayyyyyyy. If you’ve got that kind of money to waste on lotto, why not shut down the chicken houses?

Eh. I’m hoping to get some writing in during these next two weeks. Somewhere in between Christmas shopping, baking, parties, algebra, and a little wood-chopping. But I need a lot more booze than there is in the house at the moment. Then again, I get paid on Monday…


  1. Can't you use just a little of that lotto money for booze? ;-)

    Have a good staycation!

  2. Hey FAR,
    I envy you, swamped and stress pressured as I am right now, I was lucky to get the 26th off.

    Yeah, what B2 said, and enjoy your time at this time of year....

  3. Hi guys!

    Boran, I was tempted, but it's not my money. It's not like I'm the governor of Illinois or something.

    IVG, that's awful! Lord knows you need some time off after all the stuff that's happened in the last few months.

  4. Gee Far, Your life seems to be entirely too easy! I'm just green with envy... Yup, B2 is right, you should have gotten peeled and then deliever what tickets the money would have bought after that...Suppose, they'd give up the chicken farm, even if they won the lotto? I'll bet if you thought about that, you'd be slugging down a few more! ha! ha!

    My work load is lessening a bit too, got a lot of "honey do's" on the list... At least I got the snowmachine up the hill yesterday, we've got a foot and a half on the ground already. Quite a few sleds went down the trial yesterday, suppose that cheap gas, is just too tempting, not to be taken advantage of..............


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