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Monday, December 15, 2008

Staycation, Days 1-3

Busy days… but a good kind of busy. Mostly.


I decided I’d like to try building a cold frame while off work, and I've heard of people building them using glass shower doors. I asked for a shower door on Freecycle in the morning, and by afternoon had a shower door and an extra 3' square piece of glass… I figure to build one for me and one for Mrs. Fetched’s mom. I’ll probably get started on it tomorrow; yes, there will be pictures. While out, I hopped over to visit The Boy at his new place. He finally got his power turned on, and hopes to have the phone/internet moved over this week.

Somewhere in all this, Mrs. Fetched found the computer ornament, then picked up the beer ornament off my dresser and hung them both back on the tree! W00T! I guess when the second and third opinions she got didn’t go her way, she decided maybe it wasn’t so horrible after all. 'Course, this means I’m on the hook to help with the decorating, but if I get some ownership I can deal with that. I also helped Daughter Dearest re-derange her room in preparation for her own decorating.


Sunday was Cantata Day. Our choir joined forces with a church in town to get a fair-sized group for a Christmas cantata. The only downside was that we had to do it twice — at their church in the morning and ours in the evening. The upside: we threw a potluck after the evening performance, and everyone chowed down. In the afternoon, I made a big batch of rolls and brought home an empty bowl.


Mondays, even on vacation, can be Mondays. Or Monday Lite, anyway. I got to sleep late, but I’d taken the time off forgetting that I had to attend a meeting this afternoon. Since there was a small batch of errands that had to be run near the office anyway, I got the list together and took care of them before popping into work. Unfortunately, there’s this manager (not mine) wanting to stick his nose in my business again… since my boss was also invited to the meeting but didn’t show (the others assume he doesn’t care), I guess I need to write an email. I left about an hour earlier than I would have under normal circumstances, and was surprised to find the traffic heavier than usual… I figured more people would be off work by now.

This hasn’t been too awful, so far…


  1. It sounds like a relatively peaceful staycation, Far. (Hopefully it will remain so.)

  2. Hey Far! Glad to hear that you are getting some what of a nice vacation. I like that term - Staycation. Nice!

    Life up here has been hectic. hubby Dearest has had surgery on his shoulder and has needed tending or needed to be told to go get some rest and just stay out of my way. LOL!!!

    We have just had a lot of fun up North here. Had a small "Taste of the Long Emergency." I finally got back to doing a bit of blogging and did up a 5-day "diary" on the fun!

    I may not get back to blogging till after Christmas. I have a lot of baking I need to catch up on. Due to circumstances Christmas is going to be very thin, but I can make up for it with helping to add to everyone's waistlines!! HAHAHA

    Enjoy your time off and Merry Christmas!!

  3. Oh yeah, I was wondering how you were doing. Nudge mentioned "a friend" who was riding things out OK, and I assumed she meant you.

    I'll go have a look at your post(s) shortly.

  4. Oh yeah, and I'm doing some baking too. Mrs. Fetched and I also got around to canning some scuppernong jelly (a grape-like fruit native to the area) today.

  5. Hey FAR, I will be doing some canning of soups and stews this winter as I make crock pots of meals for hubby and I.

    Canning will be a big process next year when harvesting time comes around. I would like to try my hand at jellies, too. Scuppernong, huh??? What is that something like a grape jelly?

    I want to learn other methods for keeping foods cold. It is easy in the winter when temps are really low, but if power ever went out long term in the summer, I would definitely lose all that I have attempted to freeze.

    Nudge and I know a friend that knows how to live Amish-style. We plan on sitting down with him, over several coffees, and picking his brain. He has been in the process of building a brick oven in his yard that I know he would let me put to use to bake breads in.

    I hope to eventually have some things in place to be able to better survive a "Long Emergency."

  6. Good idea, Mrs. M, we live on soups quite a bit this time of year anyway. Right, scuppernong is a kind of grape… I'm told it's basically a domesticated muscadine. We did a dozen half-pints and two pint jars last night; the skim went into the fridge for eating right now. Even with about 2/3 of the suggested sugar, it's plenty sweet. Between that & the 12 pints of blackberry jelly we did this summer, we're set for a while (not to mention the blackberry jam from summer before last).

    Dehydrating veggies is a good way to keep them around for a while & they make a good starter for sauces & soups as well. Those packages of sliced mushrooms keep forever when dehydrated.

    I left a few suggestions on your blog for keeping stuff cool in warmer weather. I want one of those outdoor brick ovens, too. But there's probably going to be a lot of ad hockery involved in surviving or staying comfortable in a situation like yours… you also need to have a last-ditch plan for getting to a shelter.

  7. All good tips, FAR. Believe you me, my mind was running through all possible things that would help. I was actually doing a search on how to live without a refrigerator.

    I found a post from someone that has learned to live without one. They did it because they are basically vegetarians. That's all well and good, but I do enjoy chicken and pork and the occasional rare, juicy steak. Living without a frig could be viable if you had your own farm and a really decent root cellar that stayed cold.

    I used to live in Idaho in "another life" and had a small "farm." I had a vegie garden that was about an acre and a half. LOL!! I did massive amounts of canning. And I dried some of those vegies.

    I also had a chest freezer that my older chickens went into after their egg laying cycle. (Yes, I raised chickens. Red Rocks and Bantyies) I also had a nice root cellar that a lot of my vegies went into hay-filled baskets and then stored there.

    Doing things like that was easier then. Life wasn't quite as complicated. I imagine someday, though, where life may become a lot less complicated technically, than it is now. Of course, the list of other complications that we could be looking at may be quite extensive. Only time will tell.


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